Swamp People ‘Swamp Ninja’ sees Frenchy and Gee triumph: All the hunters ranked!

Gee and Frenchy on Swamp People
This was the third of near 13-footer gators Gee and Frenchy caught with “Cinderella”

On the latest Swamp People, it’s day 14 of gator hunting season and we are in the thick of it with four teams…actually three teams plus a solo Bruce Mitchell who is minus his buddy Ron Methven due to the ongoing gator-hunting financial strain.

Looking back at the ‘Swamp Ninja’ episode, we ranked the teams first to last according to accomplishment and gator hauls!

1. Jerod “Gee” Singleton and Robert “Frenchy” Crochet

In Bayou Black, Frenchy and Gee clean up with several near 13-foot monsters left and right in their tiny boat named Cinderella.

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The two ingeniously show us how they roll 800+ pound gators in the smaller skiff so the boat does not roll over.

Gee Singleton, Frenchy Crochet
Gee and Frenchy are the Salt n’ Pepper of the Bayou — thick as thieves and godly to the core

Gee and Frenchy get so many big gators that they high-tail it to the local barber shop where sweet potato pies are waiting on them — Frenchy buys at least 30 of them at Jerrold’s Barber Shop.

Jerrold’s Barber Shop is where them Sweet tater pies can be had, unless Frenchy gets there first

2. Joey and Swamp Ninja Dwaine Edgar

In Franklin, brothers Joey and Dwaine Edgar are testing the limits of their mortality. Especially fearless Dwaine is throwing himself in harm’s way, not afraid of anything it seems.

Joey gives him the nickname “Swamp Ninja” as the former baseballer jumps into the water where cottonmouth snakes and gators are nesting.

Dwaine’s hard work pays off when he reels up a bow worth over $500 in great shape and the two bag many large gators, though nothing like Frenchy and Gee’s haul.

Joey Edgar, Dwaine Edgar
The brothers Joey and Dwaine are having a ball finding bows and gators…and nearly getting eaten alive
They get a lot of gators but not as many as Frenchy and Gee
Bowfishing bow and alligator
The pair react after catching a bowfishing bow

3. Bruce Mitchell, solo

In Hammond, Bruce Mitchell is pulling a Willie Edwards and working by himself.

Bruce is a Cajun genius! He concocts a lily-busting machine from an old ladder and a lawn mower and rigs up a weird but working weed wacker for the choking bayou lilies that clog his boat engine. It freaking worked!

Bruce Mitchell
Bruce rigs the old lawnmower up to an old ladder to create his bayou lily-chopping machine
And it works! This is some rigging right here y’all

On top of that engineering fait accompli, Bruce gets 10 monsters up in his boat all by himself. Not as big as Gee and Frenchy’s, but still. Mitchell has no quit in him!

One of Bruce’s monsters, which he catches solo

4. Daniel Edgar and Big Tee

Only because these poor guys got poached are they coming in last. Big Tee and Mr. Daniel have been foiled in Bayou Crook Chene, which turns out is a great place for actual crooks to come and steal another fisherman’s lines.

It was heartbreaking to see the poachers onshore staring at them as Daniel and Big Tee saw trap after trap they had set cut and absconded with.

Big Tee, Daniel Edgar
Their expressions say it all, poachers suck!
Big Tee
Big Tee cannot believe his eyes at the brazen theft of their lines

Daniel was mad as a hatter and Big Tee wished that the gators had bit off the poacher’s leg.  They managed to get some gators over in Ella, but the day was marred by the poachers’ theft.

Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook.

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History. 

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