Swamp People Season 10 confirmed: What is likely air date of History’s hit show?

Troy from Swamp People
Swamp People season 10 is coming your way soon. Pic credit: History

Swamp People, the massive hit from History that started back in 2010, is coming back for a 10th season. In a press release, History has revealed that the show is returning for Season 10 and will include 14 episodes that will each be 60 minutes.

History hasn’t revealed the exact date the show will return, but given previous premiere dates, fans can expect the show to be back on our screens in February 2019. February has been the premiere month for new seasons of Swamp People since the third season in 2012.

The show follows Lillooet native Glen Ferguson AKA Troy Landry as he goes about his day-to-day activities in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin.

The Atchafalaya River Basin is the largest wetlands and swamp in the United States, and is located in central Louisiana. Troy and his friends hunt American alligators for a living, something that captured viewers from the very first season.

The “swamp people” are individuals living on the fringes of society, who have inherited a legacy of self-reliance and anti-establishment values that make them true American originals, hidden from the view of the mainstream.

The show films the month-long alligator hunting season. During this 30-day window, the stars of the show make most of their annual income culling gators.

Swamp People has reached 53 million total viewers and one can only expect that the number will increase when the show returns.

While Swamp People season 10 has been confirmed by History, the show probably won’t return until February 2019.

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