Swamp People recap: Willie is back, Terral is twisted steel and sex appeal and Ashley’s dead-eye sniper skills are killer

Up pops the weasel, about 14 feet of him.. Pic credit: History

Swamp People is back on History and lower prices are not deterring our core cast or newcomers from “getting them tags” and heading out for thirty days.

The gist of the new season is “too many gators too close to humans” as “the war between man and beast begins.”

Oh it’s on.

Look who we found! Willie Edwards is back this season! Pic credit: History

Welcome back to the Swamp as the new season kicked off tonight with familiar faces in the show opener like our favorite… Willie Edwards, but we got some new blood y’all.

The dawn of a new hunting season sees a sense of urgency across the Bayou.

Gator prices have dropped and the lack of culling means the native gator population is out of control.

Troy Landry sounded the alarm. “We in a crisis right now,” he said.

The King is riding with Terral, and all is good. Pic credit: History

The King of the Swamp has 1000 tags this season and he has hired a few swamp legends.

Three groups in three Landry-owned boats are featured on this run, as Chase and Holden are paired in a boat, Jacob and newcomer/snake expert Dusty is in a boat and Terral Evans is paired with Mr. Troy.

He really is Johnny Confidence this one… Terral Evans. Pic credit: History

Terral Evans is all man. He told us pretty much all his manly dimensions.

He said: “I got a little power to me.” Terral described himself as “six foot four [and] 275 of twisted steel and sex appeal.” Duly noted.

His rep as a gator hunter is nothing short of legendary. The two big men kicked off their venture as they hunted a swarm of gators lurking near a swimming hole.

Landry recalled how two little boys were being hunted by a large gator in that area. One child got bit and the gator took the boy’s arm. Despite that horrific injury, Troy said: “It saved his life.”

Cajun baiting and cagey tactics are employed as Terral and Troy are in pursuit. Rotten meat? Check. Hanging just above the water? Check. Lucky donuts? We hoped they had them. But it did appear that Troy was at least wearing a belt.

Dusty is paired up with Jacob. Troy met him when they did that Everglades special with Holden. But there was a problem with Dusty. He wasn’t wearing shoes and then slipped on a pair of plastic Crocs after Jacob got on him. You know trouble is coming.

Cut to their first alligator. Dusty was unprepared for the velocity of the pull, The force of the rolling from the gator ripped his hand open and had to use Cajun Band-Aids aka duct tape to repair his injury. Duct tape is amazing.

Next up in the premiere, the producers took us to Bell River as veteran swamper Ronnie Adams – who has the most intense eye-locking stare in the history of TV stares – is fighting back and has enlisted a married mother of three, Ashley Dead Eye Jones.

She can nail anything and hails from a long line of snipers.

Ronnie is telling pants pooping tales. Pic credit: History

Keeping it under wraps (much to Ashley’s dismay) Ronnie took us to a spooky spot called the cemetery, a dangerous place few know about and where stories are told that “will make you poop your pants” according to Ronnie. That was good enough for me. I will stick to Cafe du Monde when in Rome.

A macabre misty moor was where we found ourselves. There were grave markers of gator hunters who actually died in the waters there. And loads of engine-choking vegetation in the water.

The remote locale is reportedly a haven for gators over 13 feet and contains way too much Salvinia, an invasive plant species that nearly stranded Dead Eye and Ronnie.

Dead Eye’s first kill. Pic credit: History

The hidden away locale is also a haven for gators over 13 feet long.

Troy and Terral win. Pic credit: History

Meanwhile, Troy and Terral tore it up with gator carcasses out of the gate. “They starving to death!” said Troy as he noted the cannibalistic nature of gators is present now.

Terral showed off his massive manly guns the whole gator hunting trip. Pic credit: History

The scorecard ended up with Troy and Terral taking the most kills. “They was coming over the side of the boat,” said Terral.

Also, Dusty is likely rethinking his no shoe policy after being bitten in the foot by a nearly dead gator and Ronnie will most likely be investing in Depends (kidding). Seriously Ronnie could helm a new series called Swamp Ghosts.

I think Ronnie said “Oh yeah baby” about 30 times in this episode. So we will be keeping a season score on his “baby” tally. It’s a lot, baby. We have a sneaking suspicion his “baby” go-to catch phrase is heard in places other than the swamp as well.

Also, note to Troy, please… there is only one Big T and he rides with Mr. Daniel who was also teased in the opener.

So no calling Terral “Big T.”

Y’all are confusing enough to understand without subtitles!

The end credits showed Willie in action, he’s unreal! Pic credit: History

Alright, so excited to tease you all that Willie is shown getting a thousand pounder in the boat by himself… natch. And something terrible is going to happen to Ronnie’s arm and Troy looks like he loses control of a boat!

See y’all next week.

Swamp People airs Thursdays on History.

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