Swamp People recap: Cannibal gator, Glenn’s bad banking system, and Bruce’s good news

One of five over-10-footers Big Tee bagged on this week’s episode of Swamp People

Well. Lots to discuss after this week’s Swamp People on History! Which was really a Cajun PSA on how NOT to save your money, as we can now confirm beyond any doubt that Glenn Guist is certifiable.

But luckily for the Cajun Cartel, Bruce Mitchell ended the episode with dollah dollah bills and checks all around y’all.

But first, the episode began with Day 18 of Louisiana gator season…

Big Tee and Daniel in Franklin

Big Tee hauling in gator
Big Tee hauls in huge gator after huge gator

We learned this week how Big Tee’s dad was his hero, but sadly he passed away in 2000. Now, along with his pop’s bestie Mr. Daniel, Tee is set to show his father up in heaven that he can hunt.

The pair started off by catching a huge over-10-footer. Tee then said he wanted to bag five of them that size and…he did it! He proceeded to nab monster after monster to make his five over-10-foot quota.

There’s a lot of heart with this guy, and he softens Daniel Edgar too making his segments more enjoyable.

Troy and Holden Landry in Pierre Part

Nunkie and Holey catch a cannibal gator after it tears up about 12 others

In Pierre Part, Nunkie and Holey rolled up on one of their stakes and saw their gator had been eaten up by a cannibal.

They then repeatedly pulled up gators full of more holes than Swiss Cheese. The cannibal gator of Big Cypress Cove has been making life miserable for Nunkie and Ho.

“Every once in a while you get a big alligator who starts eatin’ little alligators,” explained Troy, who shared that chicken won’t do it for the gators anymore.

He and Ho then bagged another tiny gator, with the cannibal still on the loose, then…they luck out and kill the monster, finally!

13 feet of fury dead in the water, after long last

Chase and Jacob Landry in Pierre Part

A half mile away, Jacob was calling the shots as he and Chase pulled in a big boy that had also been chomped on — by the very same cannibal gator of Big Cypress Cove.

Jacob swore revenge. They pulled up three more lifeless cannibal victims. Finally a live one. He was all chewed up by the cannibal too.

Cannibal gator got this one too, as the puncture marks show

They then rolled up on a popped line which Chase thought had been damaged by a 12-footer, before Jacob spotted a massive gator. They thought it was the cannibal! But sadly they lost him.

Glenn Guist and BFF Todd in Gonzales

Glenn needed some bucks this week. We learned he has a distrust for banks, so instead buries his money all about the yard…and under a murky snake and rat infested bridge…and under water.

Except he can’t remember where he buried it all until he stumbles into it by luck.

Glenn macheted his way into some nasty underbrush to find the stash under the bridge, but it was all eaten up by rats.

Then he went out into the swamp to get his underwater can. Guess what? The rope had rotted so he had to go into the swamp water himself to get it.

He dove in despite the fact it’s the same place they hunt alligators, and that there are snakes and all kinds of awfulness there. But the money was finally found.

It only took an hour to remember where he buried that one
Head first he went into the gator-infested murk

Glenn then bought big chunks of ice and a huge fan and set up chairs — which is apparently what he needed the cash for.

Glenn Guist
What’s wrong with your banking system? Everything Glenn, everything

Happy ending time!

At the end of the episode, Bruce Mitchell delivered good news to the assembled Cajun Cartel.

The patriarchs all got checks from him as restaurants want more gator meat and the boys’ processing plant is squarely in business now.

Next week, Kristi Broussard is hunting a cattle killer as the Landry clan all wager bets with each other in a competition.

See y’all then!

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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