Swamp People preview: The dangerous monster bull gator population is a real threat

A still from the preview shows how the gators fight underwater, the bigger ones are able to yank a human overboard. Pic credit: History
A still from the preview shows how the gators fight underwater, the bigger ones are able to yank a human overboard. Pic credit: History

History’s reality series Swamp People is back this Thursday, and the threat and the dangers are heightened this season.

There is an imbalance of predator bull gators in the Louisiana bayous and the danger now is for the cast to potentially be dragged into the murky waters by sheer physics.  We are talking alligators over 12 feet and close to 1000 pounds in some cases.

For Swamp People, their hunting grounds face a crisis like never before seen and it is worrisome to all.

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Despite hunters’ best efforts with generous tag allotments to cull the exploding alligator population last year, the gator numbers have reached record levels and it is taking everyone by surprise.

The producers shared with Monsters & Critics that the vicious and territorial bull gators are breeding at an astounding rate, and now every bayou, lake and waterway is overrun with these seriously deadly reptiles – described by History as “bigger, bolder and more dangerous than ever before.”

The established fan favorites are back, the Landry clan with King of the Swamp Troy Landry… hopefully wearing his pants’ belt and armed with his famous “lucky donuts.” His hunting partner is Terral Evans once again.

Also back is Willie Edwards, who pound for pound is the most capable gator wrangler of the lot teams up with his rookie son, Little Willie.

The popular team of Ashley Dead Eye Jones and Captain Ronnie Adams are also working together again as the two killed it last season. Also back are pro fisherman Zak Catchem (real name) and Joey Edgar, the son of Mr. Daniel. We hope to see the Edgar patriarch and Joseph Rogers Richard (Big Tee) too.

The stakes are real dollars and now that their friends, families and pets are at risk, the Swampers take up arms and employ cunning new strategies to protects their communities from these aggressive behemoths.

History also shared that “new faces” are called in to help fight the invasion, and hunters dive deeper into the belly of the bayou than ever before in search of the monster bull gators that are ravaging Southern Louisiana.

The threat is real, the economics make it even more of a nail biter as these folks eat and live off their earnings fishing the bayous.

We have been following two of our favorite Swampers, Captain Ronnie Adams who is totally psyched for the new season, the big man posting this on his Facebook page:

Read our interview with Captain Ronnie Adams here!

Ashley Dead Eye Jones has been busy teasing the new season in her Facebook feed too:

 Read our exclusive interview with Ashley Dead Eye Jones here!

In the season premiere, we see our favorites set out as they are dead set to cull the exploding gator population, and these Swampers employ some never before seen methods of catching the giant breeding bulls.

Of the new season, History says:

Joey and Zak create a feeding frenzy using wild Hogs as chum. A gator takes a bite out of Ashley and Ronnie.  And Troy and Terral embark on their most dangerous mission yet.

We will be watching and recapping weekly, so make sure to check for more interviews here on Monsters & Critics too!

Swamp People - Still Waters

Swamp People airs Thursdays, beginning January 23, at 9/8c on History Channel.

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