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How old is Willie Edwards on Swamp People and will he be back on new season?

Willie Edwards on Swamp People, publicity still from History. Pic credit: History
Willie Edwards on Swamp People, publicity still from History. Pic credit: History

Willie Edwards is one of our favorite cast members on Swamp People, and the show is back this week on Thursday night on the History channel.

Edwards is someone who was not mentioned in the teaser for the new series, but we are hoping this fan favorite will be seen.

On his Facebook page, Willie and Junior describe themselves:

Swampers to the core, Junior Edwards and his son Willie spend their days out on the bayous and waterways of south Louisiana throughout the year. They truly live off the land, taking full advantage of the swamp’s bountiful resources, including its crawfish, crabs, deer, frogs, and several species of fish and of course…alligators. Junior is one of the last remaining year-round commercial fishermen in south Louisiana that supports his family solely on commercial fishing. The independent swamper lifestyle agrees with Junior; the one time he tried working for someone else, he only lasted two weeks. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t possess an extraordinary work ethic. Every morning, he leaves home by 5:30 for a long day of trapping and selling his catch. In the evenings, he and his wife Theresa do everything they can to prepare for the next season, such as making nets for buffalo fishing. Now Willie is carrying on the family tradition, sharing the tricks of the trade with his own young children as well.

As fans note on Twitter, Willie barely weighs 155 pounds and can get a flailing alligator five times his weight up into a small boat by himself…not too shabby!

As we previously reported, there’s a lot to know about this man likely to be in his mid-thirties to early forties now who has captured a huge fan base.

Willie is married to Sherrie Edwards and they have three children, daughter Michaela and two sons, William IV and Landon.

The Edwards clan fish and hunt for a living, including gators, tasty crawfish, crabs, deer, frogs, wild pig, and several species of fish. They have a website where they take swamp tour bookings too.

On this series, Edwards is seen along with Chase and Jacob Landry, Jay Paul Molinere, Troy Landry, Tommy Chauvin, Bruce Mitchell, and R.J. Molinere on this series. There will be new cast this season.

History previously sent Monsters and Critics the news season teaser and the loglines describing the premiere episode titled Clear and Present Danger.

The swampers are faced with a gator invasion that’s threatening their community like never before. Determined to protect their neighbors, Troy teams up with swamp legend Terral Evans, Jacob enlists python expert Dusty Crum to join the hunt, and veteran swamper Ronnie Adams puts his new partner, Ashley “Dead-Eye” Jones to the test as they venture into a wild swamp known as “the cemetery.”

Fans already know that Willie’s father Junior Edwards left the show back in season seven, while Willie remained part of the cast.

But we are sad to share that 2018 was a terrible year for the Edwards clan.

It was announced on his Facebook page that Willie lost his brother in a car accident on September 15, 2018.

Local news detailed the accident  of Randy Dale Edwards.

Fans used social media to expressing their sadness:

In the obituary, it lists Willie’s family, he even served as honorary pallbearer along with his son at the funeral.

Our deepest condolences to the Edwards, we are hoping that Willie will be a big part of the new season on History, and wish his family the very best.

Swamp People airs Thursdays on History.

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