Swamp People exclusive: Cajun Cartel help with Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Bruce Mitchell on Swamp People
Bruce Mitchell surveys the devastation as he drives into Texas on Swamp People

Tonight on Swamp People, the Cajun Cartel become part of the much publicized Cajun Navy who descended on Texas to offer their help after Hurricane Harvey laid waste to it last August.

“Five foot of rain in four days…their lives are changed forever!” says King of The Swamp Troy Landry.

The Cajun Cartel, minus Daniel Edgar, head to the state tonight in a bid to help pal Harlan “Bigfoot” Hatcher who has put out the emergency beacon.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, the bayou saviors — Troy Landry, R.J. Molinere and Bruce Mitchell — head to Anahuac, the gator capital of Texas.

On their journey, they witness the debris fields framing people’s properties as the magnitude of the devastation caused by Harvey weighs heavy on them.

Troy Landry, RJ Molinere
Troy and R.J. discuss the hurricane damage, which they know all too well living in Louisiana

On the episode, the Louisiana hunters meet Bigfoot and his friends and offer their services for two days.

The men need money desperately to rebuild. The bottom has fallen out of the alligator hunting industry, and Troy vows to fight to the very end to save his business and family AND his pals in the Lone Star State!

Season 9 of Swamp People is squarely focused on the wild alligator industry’s economic threats and how these men who have built their lives on commercial fishing and gator hunting are fighting back.

Troy Landry, R.J. Molinere, Daniel Edgar and Bruce Mitchell have cobbled together their own Cajun Cartel, putting their differences aside to keep their way of life alive.

Make sure to read our recap from last week’s episode and watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s below!

Swamp People airs Thursday at 9/8c on History.

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