Survivor: What is going to rocks? Drawing rocks explained following Edge of Extinction episode

Drawing rock s Survivor
Jeff Probst explains drawing rocks on Survivor. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube.

In the latest double episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, the second Tribal Council ends up in a tie vote between Lauren and Wendy and features a lot of cast members who claim they are ready to go to rocks.

However, after a very chatty tribal council, the group decides to vote out Wendy, who goes to Extinction Island.

What is drawing rocks on Survivor?

Drawing rocks at Tribal Council occur when there is a tie in the vote because the cast members cannot agree on who gets voted out.

The contestants who are tied for votes become immune and the contestants that could not unanimously agree are at risk and draw rocks. Contestants with immunity are safe.

The non-immune contestants pick a rock from a bag and reveal what is in their hand at the same time. The contestant that picks the elimination rock by chance is voted out of the game.

Drawing rocks in Survivor is a rare occurrence and have only happened three times in 38 seasons. The last time rocks were drawn was the Jessica Lewis elimination at Millennials vs Gen X.

Why did the contestants vote out Wendy?

Since Wendy was at the bottom of both tribes up for elimination, both the Manu and Lesu tribes agreed on voting her out of the game as drawing rocks would put them all at risk of elimination.

Wendy’s lack of strategic gameplay and freeing the chickens put her on the chopping block. However, the preview for the next episode of Survivor; Edge of Extinction reveals that the voted-out players are returning to the game as the merge is revealed.

The circumstances surrounding the returning players is not clear from the preview but the game just got a lot more interesting.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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