Survivor recap: Who was voted off last night?

Kelley Wentworth on Survivor Season 38 cast
Kelley Wentworth on Survivor Season 38 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor contestant who was voted off last night got a chance to join Reem and Keith at the Edge of Extinction. The new twist for Season 38 has already created some interesting television for CBS viewers.

The Survivor recap has to begin with Reem and Keith finding out that there was some hidden rice on the island they had been stranded. It meant that they would at least have some food, but there was also a note that they would have to climb a mountain daily to get it.

Who would join Reem and Keith on that island? Viewers would find out pretty quickly.

Season 38 Episode 3 Survivor recap

Almost immediately, a Reward Challenge took place between the two tribes during the episode. The Manu Tribe won the challenge and got chickens as their reward. It meant that they would have a lot of protein to eat back at camp.

Wendy hurt her ankle during the challenge and had to be helped back to camp. It soon became a big issue, as it continued to get worse as time went by.

Aubry Bracco found the Hidden Immunity Idol at her camp (Kama Tribe). This could be a huge advantage for a returning player to the game.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Manu Tribe was down by two people due to the first two eliminations. It allowed the other tribe to pick two people to sit out. Again, it was the Kama Tribe that won the Immunity Idol, keeping all 10 of them safe for another night.

Who was voted off last night on Survivor?

Back at the Manu Tribe, there was a debate about sending home a strong player or an injured player. It was clear that either Kelley Wentwork or Wendy would be voted off Survivor next. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t so clear, as Chris began playing too hard and alienated people who had tried to work with him.

At the third Tribal Council of the season, Chris was voted off Survivor. He then chose to join Keith and Reem on the secret island.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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