Survivor recap: One castaway makes a huge mistake in the game

The Survivor David vs Goliath competitors voted out Elizabeth
Will Angelina’s mistake this week on Survivor mean she becomes a target? Pic credit: CBS

The latest Survivor recap comes from Season 37 Episode 7 on November 7. The new episode opened with the three tribes merging into one. As usual, it began with a feast, putting everyone at ease as the final 13 castaways joined together on one beach.

The new tribe is called Kalokalo.

Gabby was looking for hints of a new immunity idol and Angelina had several camera sessions where she spoke about needing to watch out for Alec. Alec was the reason Natalia was sent home.

Christian and Nick were reunited (the Mason-Dixon alliance) and they were able to share a lot of information. That included the fact that Dan had an idol already.

The showmance of the season, which is Dan and Kara, also reunited at the merged tribe. Almost immediately, he shared that he had found a second immunity idol.

Survivor: David vs Goliath – The drama begins

During the first night as a merged tribe, Elizabeth figured out that there was a relationship going on with Dan and Kara. She deemed it necessary to split them up.

The next day, it became obvious that the former Goliath tribe had a slight advantage in numbers, with a 7-6 count over the former David tribe. But would it matter?

Would the tribes go back old alliances or would new alliances control the first vote for the Kalokalo tribe?

First Kalokalo individual immunity challenge

On Day 20, the new 13-person tribe participated in its first individual immunity challenge. When they arrived at the beach, host Jeff Probst explained how the endurance competition was going to work.

The challenge was to swing a pendulum around a statue, with the goal to keep that pendulum swinging. If it stopped or if it caused their statue to fall, they would be eliminated from the challenge.

Mike was the first one out. Christian was out soon after that. Carl, Gabby, Kara, and Nick were the next four people out (in order). That left only seven castaways competing for individual immunity.

Davie, Angelina, Alec, John, and Dan were the next five out (in order). That left just Elizabeth and Alison competing for immunity. When Elizabeth lost momentum on her pendulum, Alison won immunity.

Survivor recap spoilers: Angelina tries to take charge

After the immunity challenge, all seven former Goliath members met on the beach. Angelina started pushing the idea that they needed to take out a former David member, with her plan to take out Christian.

Meanwhile, a splinter of that group, led by Dan, really wanted to switch it to Elizabeth going home. They approached Angelina, who said she would do it, but stated that she disagreed with the new plan. She then started creating drama around camp.

Angelina then approached Elizabeth, telling her that the former Goliaths were trying to get her out. Elizabeth chatted with Gabby later, stating she would bring it up at tribal council.

First merged Survivor tribal council

As the chat started, Elizabeth let everyone know that Angelina approached her. The rest of the former Goliath members were not pleased.

Angelina tried to talk it back, but she showed that she wasn’t being honest with her original tribe. Meanwhile, a lot of quiet chatter was taking place among people about what they would do with the vote.

It didn’t end up mattering, as, during the vote, Elizabeth was voted out of the tribe. Angelina survived, but for how long?

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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