Survivor Injury: Freak accident leads to medical evacuation in Season 37 premiere episode

Pat Cusack Survivor injury
Pat Cusack injured his back in the shocking Survivor premiere. Credit: CBS

Survivor premiered it’s the 37th season with David vs. Goliath and things got really interesting right away. One of the key members of the David tribe suffered a freak injury, which led to an early withdrawal from the competition.

Contestant Pat Cusack proved to be a valuable addition to the team by leading the construction of the camp. However, bad luck struck the David tribe as they returned from losing their first immunity trial.

The boat taking them back to their camp was slammed down by a strong wave, which led to Pat injuring his back. One of the tribe members heard a crack and noticed Cusack was in excruciating pain. The accident occurred off-camera and Pat was seen on a stretcher – groaning in pain.

Although Pat Cusack didn’t want to be removed from the competition, the medical team decided that his injury needed a further evaluation and forced him out the game.

At the end of Survivor Season 37 Episode 1, it was revealed that Pat was treated for his unspecified injury and went on to make a full recovery. In hindsight, Pat concluded that his health was more important than the competition.

Cusack’s teammates were emotional as he was evacuated in a helicopter. The David tribe was spared a tribal council but will have to manage without a key player in camp.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Episode 2 is titled “The Chicken Has Flown the Coop” and airs on October, 3 on CBS.

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