Survivor Edge of Extinction: Returning players, location and everything you need to know about Season 38

Survivor Edge of Extinction cast
Joe Anglim returns on Season 38 of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS.

After an explosive season of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Jeff Probst introduces what’s in store for the next season of the long-running series.

Season 38 of Survivor: Edge of Extinction will present a new challenge that we haven’t seen in previous seasons. Probst did not reveal much about what the challenge may be but teased the following “how badly do you want this?”

Some fans predict that there will be an ‘Extinction Island’ in a similar fashion to Survivor: Redemption Island but with a bigger twist.

The new season will feature new players Wendy Diaz – a swap meet vendor and newscaster Rick Devens. The filming location for the upcoming season is reportedly in Fiji.

The upcoming season trailer states that Edge of Extinction will have four returning castaways including Joe Anglim, who is playing for the third time, Kelly Wentworth, David Wright, and Aubrey Bracco.

Aubrey has finished high both times she competed on Survivor by becoming the runner-up on Kaoh Rong and finishing fifth place on Survivor: Game Changers.

David finished fourth place on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and Kelly Wentworth, who has competed twice peaked at fourth place on Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance.

Joe Anglim has had the worse luck of the returnees finishing 10th place on Survivor: Worlds Apart and 8th on Cambodia: Second Chance.

Season 38 will premiere in the spring next year with a release date of February 20, 2019

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