Survivor cast 2018: Contestant, banned from finale date, might appear after all

The 2018 Survivor cast has been very entertaining for the CBS audience
The 2018 Survivor cast has been very entertaining for the CBS audience. Pic credit: CBS

The 2018 Survivor finale date has nearly arrived. There could be a number of surprises waiting from the Survivor cast. Many viewers may already know that the season has been wrapped up in a bit of controversy.

It was recently revealed that one of the castaways may have cheated this season. That information came out on social media, with a trustworthy source stating that producers are still trying to figure out what to do.

Before that, though, one of the castaways was banned from the Survivor finale date, with the show withholding their appearance fee due to breaking the non-disclosure agreement with the show.

Survivor cast 2018: Alec Merlino and Kara Kay romance

When the taping for Survivor: David vs Goliath came to an end, Alec Merlino posted something on social media that put him in a lot of hot water. It was a photo showing off the relationship between Alec and Kara. A report from TMZ stated that he would miss out on $10,000 after getting disinvited from the Season 37 finale.

During the early portion of the fall 2018 season, it appeared that Kara Kay and Dan Rengering were developing a showmance. Kara turned on him, though, becoming one of the main reasons that Dan was voted off the show. Which production came to an end, a relationship between Alec and Kara reportedly started up.

Survivor rumors about Season 37 finale

There are more Survivor rumors about the finale date, which includes a proposal set to take place. While the names of the people about to be involved in the proposal have not been revealed, some fans feel it could be Alec proposing to Kara. It’s also possible that Nick Wilson, who came on the show with a serious girlfriend, may want to pop the question.

With all of the side stories, in addition to six 2018 Survivor cast members still in the race for the $1 million, the finale date is one that viewers do not want to miss.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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