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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 recap: The different kinds of love

Alex talks to Maggie after Kara had a fight with her

Last night’s Supergirl put Kara and Maggie against each other in the worst possible way. When Alex’s life is at stake, who gets to call the shots about how her rescue should go down?

Who will crumble under the pressure of the clock and give in to a terrorist’s threats and demands? And, ultimately, whose love is stronger – her sister’s or her girlfriend’s?

It was a battle of wills that nearly tore our hearts out. Kara was all emotion and let’s punch our way through it all and rescue Alex, while Maggie tried to do her job as a cop and negotiate with the guy that was holding her hostage for as long as she could.

But let’s rewind a bit. It all started on a normal night in National City. Bad guys decided to rob a bank, were holding hostages inside and Maggie had been trying to negotiate with them for hours when Kara showed up as Supergirl.

Punching her way through the building, she freed the hostages, caught both perps and delivered them to Maggie.

The cop was obviously not very happy about it and told her as much, but Kara didn’t think any of it and only told Maggie that what mattered was that everyone was safe and that she’d see her later for dinner.

They were having a double date dinner at Alex’s place and things turned sour really quickly, when Maggie once again complained about how Supergirl was not helping police work by jumping in at all times and calls.

Kara is super offended by that, saying she is just trying to help, and just gets up and leaves with a bewildered Mon-El following her out.

Alex apologizes to Maggie and goes after her sister to try and clear the air. After all, she wants her sister and her girlfriend to get along more than anything. And that’s when things go south.

The next day, Maggie seeks Kara out, wondering about Alex’s whereabouts, but she tells her that she didn’t see her sister at all after she and Mon-El left. They are starting to get worried, when Kara’s phone rings and it looks like it’s Alex calling her.

Both Kara and Maggie are relieved for half a second before they realize it’s the kidnapper on the other end of the line and he demands that Supergirl breaks a man named Peter Thompson out of a supermax prison.

Oh yeah, he knows she is Supergirl and if she doesn’t do as he says in the next 36 hours, Alex will die.

They go to DEO and, when Winn can’t track the call or ping Alex’s microchip location, Kara starts to panic. In this moment, Maggie is the voice of reason and they are able to find out who the kidnapper is by doing simple police work.

It turns out that it’s a guy that went to Junior High with both Alex and Kara and he remembers seeing Kara using her powers as a kid. That’s how he knows she is Supergirl.

They quickly bring him in, but Kara just can’t think clearly. She is all about strong arming the guy until he gives Alex’s location, but Maggie and Jonn manage to reel her in.

Alex on the other hand, is a pretty clever and badass DEO agent, so she manages to take the chip out of her shoulder and connect it to the camera in the cell she is being held in, which gives Winn an IP address that he can track.

Winn and Kara try to trach Alex’s location

Kara immediately jumps at the chance to save her sister, even though Maggie tells her they should wait and make sure it’s really the right location.

But she’s desperate and Alex is her family and she absolutely can’t let anything happen to her, so she rushes over and makes everything worse.

Because it was just a decoy, and the fact that she tried to scout that location only sped things up, because Alex’s cell started to fill with water.

Instead of having 13 hours to find her, now they only have four, which is the time it’ll take for the cell to completely fill with water and kill Alex.

They are all desperate at this point. Rick Malvern, the guy who kidnapped Alex, won’t budge until they release Peter Thompson, who happens to be his father.

He only allows them to talk to Alex for a couple of minutes, but it doesn’t do any good in finding her. It does give us, however, an incredibly touching scene between Alex and Maggie and, good lord, these two are incredible together.

My heart is already in pieces for everyone, but when Alex starts to say goodbye, I cried right along with Maggie and panicked just as much as she did.

There was no time and they had to do something. Maggie tried reasoning with Malvern once again, but he only says that he shouldn’t have gone to Kara, as she didn’t have what it takes to make the hard decisions and cross the line when it needed.

For him, it all came down to who loved Alex more – enough to break the law and get his father out of prison.

Maggie is desperate, so she gives in and goes to the supermax prison where Peter Thompson is being held, determined to break him out and save Alex. Kara quickly figures out where she is headed and follows her in just as she is hauling the guy out of prison.

And this time, Supergirl is the voice of reason, taking a page out of Maggie’s book and talking things out with both of them.

Together, they manage to convince Peter to give them the location of where Malvern may have Alex hidden and, together, they rush there and break Alex out of her cell just in time.

In the end, it all came down to team work. There is no way to tell who loves more or whose love is stronger and gets to call the shots.

There are different kinds of love and they all matter just the same and it took Alex nearly dying for Maggie and Kara to come to terms with it.

Other things to note:

1. Rhea is cooking up something that will definitely blow up in their faces.

She managed to convince Lena to work with her, even after the L Corp CEO found out that she was an alien with an agenda.

I can already see this ending badly and I can only hope that Lena and Kara’s friendship comes out of this unscathed.

Here is hoping that Lena will figure out soon that Rhea is playing her and is actually Mon-El’s mom, who just wants to get rid of Supergirl.

2. The Sanvers feels, you guys. Alex and Maggie are just so awesome together and Supergirl is doing such an incredible job with this relationship.

I love that they’re treating it like the normal relationship that it is and not using stereotypes to tell this story. It’s beautiful and touching and Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima’s chemistry is off the charts.

That last scene when Alex tells her she loves her had me crying like a baby and I am just so, so happy for them.

Don’t forget to check out the promo for next week’s episode:

Supergirl airs every Monday at 8/7C on The CW.

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