Sunnie wants an open relationship where anyone can get some ‘sandwiches’ on A Night With My Ex

Sunnie and Matt looking coy and perplexed
Sunnie tells Matt she fancies an open relationship on A Night With My Ex

This week on A Night With My Ex, Sunnie and Matt both still have strong feelings for each other or so they say.

Back when the pair were dating Matt often felt a bit left behind as Sunnie’s career took off and she was often away on long trips. She admits that there are still strong feelings in her heart for him and that she loves him, thinking of him every day.

However, she is not looking to commit to one man and wants to be able to see other people in an open relationship. Matt sounds a bit shocked and asks her if she means an open house relationships where anyone can just wander in and get some sandwiches…she tells him that’s about right.

Will the pair be able to come to terms that they can live with or is this relationship just in need of a burial plot?

A Night with my Ex airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on BRAVO.

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