SubSafe on Shark Tank: Containers for subs – because soggy bread sucks

SubSafe will be pitching on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

There’s nothing worse than soggy bread. That’s what Adam and Desiree Haller will pitch the sharks on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank.

Here, the duo will pitch their product SubSafe, which is essentially a container for sub sandwiches so they can be safely stored in your cooler with your drinks.

The couple found a need for the product in the marketplace, as they had packed some subs and cool drinks in their cooler as they spent the day on the water. When it was lunch time, their sandwiches were completely soaked.

The SubSafe Sandwich Container is created using a plastic cylindrical container, which is waterproof, crush-proof, and can float. So if you happen to drop your sub in the water, you can pick it right up again.

The plastic is also eco-friendly and safe — and it’s three times stronger than steel. In other words, your sub is safe.

But the SubSafe isn’t just for sandwiches. Once you are done eating, you can use the container for other personal items, including your phone, keys, credit cards, and much more.

The container opens in the middle, meaning one half can be used as cups for kids, as the ends are flat.

SubSafe is also dedicated to giving back. For every purchase, they donate $0.50 to the Provision Pack Program, which provides food for children in need, many of which are homeless.

You can buy your own SubSafe on Amazon. It currently retails for $21.95 and you have the option between grey, pink and blue.

You can also buy a SubSafe on the company’s website, where they retail for $17.95. Here, you also have the option of buying a strap.

Shark Tank airs this Sunday at 8/7c for a double-episode night on ABC.

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