Stuck On You: Watch Dave Fenley’s cover of Lionel Richie classic on The Voice

Dave Fenley
Watch Dave Fenley perform Lionel Richie during the knockout rounds. Pic credit: The Voice/NBC

Dave Fenley stepped it up during the knockout rounds on The Voice, performing Lionel Richie’s Stuck On You.

Dave was up against Kameron Marlowe during the last knockout round, who decided to sing I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Blake decided to move Dave through the knockout rounds.

“Well, I don’t like this, just so you both know. You guys are both my country guys but neither of you chose country songs because you want to show what else [you] can do. Kameron, you really are like the 21-year-old version of Dave. You both have these gravelly voices and I really appreciate how you stepped up on the moment,” Blake revealed on The Voice.

“Dave, you chose to do Lionel Richie’s Stuck On You. That’s not something that I would ever have thought of but now that I heard you do it, it’s like of course, my gosh, your singing is ridiculous. I can’t sit here and say one of the two of you screwed the pooch. The winner of this knockout is Dave,” he continued.

However, Adam Levine wasn’t convinced that it was time for Kameron to go home and he hit the Steal button to keep him in the competition. Levine commented on Kameron’s various ranges as a singer and believed he could do much more. Relive Dave Fenley’s winning performance below.

Dave Fenley is the 39-year-old contestant from San Antonia, Texas. He’s currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, pursuing his musical dream. Dave grew up singing in church, but it wasn’t until college that he decided he wanted to pursue music. Even though he didn’t get his parents’ approval to drop out of college, he decided to go for it and started performing. He worked odd jobs to pay the bills and continued to play as much as he possibly could at night.

The hard work resulted in him being able to transition to music full time, but he has yet to become famous for his singing. He lives in Nashville with his wife, continues to sing and perform, and is now a full-time singer-songwriter. As his NBC bio reveals, he views The Voice as his last shot at becoming the famous musician he has always dreamed of.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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