Street Outlaws: Memphis exclusive: Precious smokes the competition for the win

It’s man versus woman and Memphis versus Pennsylvania on tonight’s Street Outlaws: Memphis.

The stakes are high as Mike Serrano has a big block Camaro pitted against Precious and her rig, but as our exclusive clip shows…the home team has the advantage.

Precious Cooper is one of JJ Da Boss’s inner circle and his group of racers.

In a past interview, JJ Da Boss said of Precious, “It’s kind of a golden rule with us, whether it’s superstitions or what it is, she goes down the street first, ladies first. That’s always been with us.”

“People look at her a lot of times and they mistreat her. They look at her as a little bitty girl who can’t do something who’s fragile… and they don’t even know it! She’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Tonight she proves that statement true as Mike Serrano is in from Pennsylvania and he is no dilettante when it comes to racing and winning.

Serrano doesn't know what hit him tonight. Pic credit: Discovery
Serrano doesn’t know what hit him tonight. Pic credit: Discovery

Serrano’s Camaro opens the clip and it’s a turbocharged big-block beast that is running on gasoline with a 1,781 horsepower and 1,622 lb-ft of torque on a Fonse Performance chassis dynamometer.

What does that all mean? No clue but it’s not enough to beat Precious in her older rig called Ziptie!

Serrano’s a champion and a second-time winner of the Dyno Wars, winning that title back in 2014.

Jj Da Boss is ebullient and loving Precious's win. Pic credit: Discovery
JJ Da Boss is ebullient and loving Precious’s win. Pic credit: Discovery

But this time, his bitchin’ Camaro cannot beat the red and watch how elated everyone in JJ Da Boss’s crew is as she is the confirmed winner!

Street Outlaws: Memphis is in its second season on Discovery Channel. The series is a spin-off of Street Outlaws and focuses on JJ Da Boss who is otherwise known as Jonathan Day.

He and his team from Memphis, Tennessee are race car drivers who use the streets for racing off the grid, and slightly illegal. They have been working together for a long time and JJ himself is 6th generation racer.

JJ Da Boss relies only on his friends and family and that includes women in his crew. Team Memphis focuses on the family, never cheating and playing fair with the competition.

Tricia is JJ Da Boss’s second wife.  JJ has eleven kids and four or five grandkids. She has a nickname, “Midget.” Tricia and Precious are as tight as ticks and part of JJ’s innermost circle. Tricia and Precious really keep JJ Da Boss in business and mind his books, as he told us in an exclusive interview too.

Recently, JJ Da Boss had a problem in Las Vegas when he went to race and some people who showed up with making trouble on their mind.

In a Facebook post, JJ tells what went down and how he dealt with it.

Make sure to tune in tonight to see how much money JJ Da Boss wins and how many races Precious has in Street Outlaws: Memphis!

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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