Street Outlaws explodes as fight between stars Reaper and Doc turns ugly

Reaper and Doc fighting on Street Outlaws
Reaper grabs Doc by the throat on this week’s Street Outlaws and, left, others push him away

Street Outlaws descends into chaos on this week’s episode — after a fight between stars Reaper and Doc turns ugly, with Reaper grabbing Doc by the throat.

Things kick off when Doc tries to hold off on racing Reaper, before Reaper — real name James Goad — flicks him the finger. Doc comes back with: “Is that your IQ or your **** size? Because it damn straight ain’t your spot on the list.”

Reaper then strides up to Doc, pushing him hard in the chest and knocking him backwards. He then goes into full-on fighting stance, before siding up to Doc and grabbing him by the throat.

Others then rush in to break up the fight, keeping the pair apart. The episode is appropriately titled Going for the Jugular, with the fight taking place during the first list race of the season.

The episode also sees Shawn try to jump on the number one spot while Chief’s car is down for repairs, before the fight breaks out and leaves the night in chaos.

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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