Street Outlaws exclusive: Big Chief takes on Randy Rencher – Will it be OKC for the win?

Big Chief is most triumphant in this clip. Pic credit: Discovery
Big Chief is most triumphant in this clip. Pic credit: Discovery

Street Outlaws revs up and races back on Discovery tonight and we have an exciting exclusive clip where Big Chief explains his strategy against Texan racer Randy Rencher.

The two men are facing off in a race and it appears that the Chief will lay to waste his opponent.

Opening the clip, Rencher introduces himself and says: “My name is Randy Rencher [and] I’m from Sherman, Texas… I Drive a 1990 [Pontiac] Trans Am called Hateful.”

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Explaining his Texas hold ’em strategy he says: “We always draw the baddest sumb*tches on the lot every race we go to. But I feel confident we’re gonna whip his [Big Chief] a**.”

Rencher travels the country racing his “Hateful T/A against others. Here he is in Memphis:

Looking pretty proud of himself, Big Chief explained his winning actions: “I let off the brake and it went …and I thought, ‘oh this is way too fast for this road.’ I tried to pedal it… got back in it…dropped the laundry (wind sock)…Oklahoma for the win!”

The leader of the crew is Justin Shearer, AKA Big Chief. His crew of racers in the 405 include AZN, Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, and Farmtruck.

The series shows off the skills of the Oklahoma City street racers and is where Big Chief runs “The List,” a tally of the 10 best street racers in OKC. They are matched with racers like Rench from all points beyond.

How it goes is that if you want to move up a spot, you’ve got to challenge someone else who’s ranked – and of course, win the race.

Chief fields challenges from qualified drivers from Maine to Texas to Kansas City to California – all in a bid to score cold hard cash and then, of course, the huge payday of titles and shameless bragging rights to goad the losers.

Big Chief also takes his crew and cred on the road, where he has exhibition races  in other cities too, leaving his home turf behind:


Heading into midpoint of their second decade broadcast on Discovery Channel, this hit series is still the real deal and quite dangerous showcasing this illegal activity. The cast puts their lives on the line every time they turn the key to their rig.

Tune in tonight to see if all of Oklahoma’s Street Outlaws racers scored wins like Big Chief:

1990 Trams Am Vs  Big Chief | Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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