Stranded With a Million Dollars cast: Meet the contestants

The cast of Stranded With a Million Dollars on MTV
The 10 contestants that make up the cast of MTV’s Stranded With a Million Dollars

MTV’s new reality gameshows series Stranded With a Million Dollars sees 10 contestants who are total strangers left on an island with, yup, you guessed it $1million.

Those cast members that manage to survive for 40 days get to keep the cash, but there’s a twist. During their stay they have to buy supplies to keep alive and give themselves shelter.

And these items are seriously expensive, like $10,000 for a machete, $30,000 for a tent, and $1,000 for a bottle of water. So during their time on the island they have to decide between them how best to spend — or save — their cash, so they have as much left over as possible for whoever manages to survive.

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What makes it even more difficult is that every purchase needs be made by vote, with a majority needed to go through with it.

There are also ‘Temptations’, where individuals get the chance to use the group’s cash to buy personal things. This is obviously a massive recipe for conflict.

But who are the contestants taking part in the series, something like a cross between Stranded and The Hunger Games? Let’s meet the Stranded With a Million Dollars cast…

Alex Apple

Alex Apple
Alex Apple, who has a high IQ and isn’t shy about telling people

Alex, from Nashville, Tennessee, is a TV reporter and brainbox with a high IQ. He also doesn’t mind bragging about that fact.

An extrovert at heart, he’s also known for being massively competitive even when at home playing games with his family and friends. He has lots of previous outdoor experience.

Alonzo Gordon

Alonzo Gordon
Alonzo Gordon, whose family have experienced homelessness

Alonzo, from Buffalo, New York, was born into a family of survivors after they experienced homelessness in the past but managed to come through it — mainly thanks to his mom, who he looks up to more than any one else.

He was in the Army for four years, so has a huge amount of outdoors experience, and has a fierce determination which he hopes will see him through the 40 days. He’s also known for being particularly persuasive.

Ashley Mercer

Ashley Mercer
Ashley Mercer, who has a lot of experience hunting

Ashley is a country girl from rural Kansas, and as a result has a lot of outdoor experience from doing things like fishing and going hunting with her family — using anything from guns to bows and arrows.

She hopes to get to the end of the series so she can use her money to reimburse her parents for money they shelled out to pay for her DUI conviction.

Bria Fleming

Bria Fleming
Bria Fleming, who works as a model but is also tough

Bria is a print model, describing herself as a “Black Barbie”, but she’s a tough cookie underneath it all.

She wants to win a share of the cash so she can help pay for a house for her family, who currently live in a rural New York apartment.

Chris Lacerra

Chris Lacerra
Chris Lacerra, whose athleticism could be one of his strong points

Chris, from Massachusetts, is in the middle of saving money for college by working at his father’s construction firm — but a bit of extra cash from Stranded With a Million Dollars certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

He’s very strong athletically, which should stand him in good stead on the island. He’s also never afraid to say what he thinks.

Cody Dunlap

Cody Dunlap
Cody Dunlap, who describes himself as “naturally hot”

Cody is a member of the Army National Guard and views himself as a natural leader. He’s also a personal trainer and is the uber-alpha male.

From Texas, he’s known for being cocky, describing himself as “naturally hot” — but could that be his achilles heel in the series?

Bad news girls, he’s also already taken — and says his girlfriend Autumn, who he met on dating app Tinder, is “the one”.

Eilish Rodriguez

Eilish Rodriguez
Eilish Rodriguez, who has lots of previous experience working in teams

Eilish, from New Mexico, was in the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) when she was at school, which gave her a good background in lots of the skills you need in a show like this, including team building, rope skills, and map-reading.

She’s mom to son Shivo with her husband Nico, who she wed just after turning 18. She hopes the cash will help her look after her family in the future.

Gina Lam

Gina Lam
Gina Lam, whose family have been nagging her to get her life on track

Gina is a big party girl, and works in a bar as a cocktail server. But her family and her boyfriend, who’s in the military, have been on her back recently about getting her life on track.

She hopes that surviving in Stranded With a Million Dollars will show them she’s ready to grow up.

Michael Schuur

Michael Schuur
Michael Schuur, who once kayaked from Canada to the US

Michael, from northern California, had an upper-class upbringing but suffered bullying when he was younger due to him being bisexual.

He’s a multi-sport athlete and has already got some hardy pursuits under his belt, after kayaking 300 miles to the US from Canada.

An Eagle Scout, he’s known for being competitive, but also knows the benefits of working as a team.

Natalie ‘Makani’ Paul

Natalie "Makani" Paul
Natalie “Makani” Paul, whose chosen name means “the wind”

Natalie, from Massachusetts, views herself as a free spirit, and her chosen name Makani means “the wind” in Hawaiian.

She is an organic farmer and has lots of survival skills at her disposal. She’s also a vegetarian, but whether that will benefit her or not on the island remains to be seen.

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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