Stranded with a Million Dollars: Millennials stuck on an island is going to be funny as hell to watch

MTV put 10 Millennials on an island to survive without supplies – or cell phones – for 40 days

Because there obviously aren’t enough Survivor-esque shows out there now, MTV premiered Stranded with a Million Dollars last night, featuring a cast of Millennials, filmed almost entirely by drones and robo cameras.

It’s a social experiment that tests how many basic necessities these Millennials are willing to do without, in order to win the money.

Production company Tollbooth TV filmed the show almost entirely with drones and robo cameras

Delayed gratification isn’t something their generation is used to dealing with, and it’s going to be funny as hell to watch.

Honestly, I was surprised nobody was twitching their thumbs in electronic device withdrawal, but it was only the first episode.

The show’s “40-day experiment” on Taveuni Island in the South Pacific (during cyclone season) challenges 10 survivors to survive with nothing. No tents, no fire, no knives, etc.

The show was filmed on Taveuni Island in the South Pacific during cyclone season.

What do they have? A satellite phone and a flare gun, to tap out and be rescued from the island when they’re ready to quit.

The producers are also dropping $1million in cash, $100,000 at a time via drone, to the participants, along with a shopping list that offers such necessities as a box of matches for $30,000.

They can choose to survive on their own wits and skill, or they can use the money to buy such necessities as machetes and tents.

A majority of the group has to agree to buy something before the item can be ordered.

Here’s the rub: However many people make it all the way through to the end of the 40 days on Taveuni Island will split the money that remains from the original $1million.

Unlike Survivor, there can be more than one winner on #MTVStranded.

“We don’t even know what the game is yet,” one of them says, as they arrive on the beach.

Bahahaha! Only Millennials would quit their jobs and sign up for a TV show with absolutely no clue what they’ve agreed to do, or what they might win.

It’ll be entertaining if they don’t eat each other in the next 40 days. This is not a self-sufficient generation, and even the Army vet in the crew is complaining about the lack of equipment.

Whatever will they do?

Day One and they’re bitching about how hard it is to open a coconut. But at least they’ve a found water source.

They’re not concerned enough about finding food other than coconuts – just wait til they find out how badly coconuts tear your insides out. Bahaha!

The group is clearly split after a few hours, with Alex (a local TV reporter) leading one crew, and Cody (and Airborne Infantryman in the Texas National Guard) running the other.

Chris, a construction worker, enters an early bromance with Cody thinking it’s going to be a key partnership. But Cody’s only thinking about himself.

Cody is what you’d get if you combined Richard Hatch and Spencer Pratt. He thinks he’s fabulous, and he’s not going to be a team player.

Cody – what you’d get if you crossed Richard Hatch with Spencer Pratt. Terrifying!

On the first day, they get their first chance to buy something with the initial $100,000 they’ve been given.

The group is split over what they should get when their first opportunity to buy arises.

Alex’s group wants to buy a machete or a hatchet, Cody’s opposed to buying anything at all.

Although he tells Chris he would’ve had liked the machete, Cody would prefer to do without just to mess with the other competitors’ heads.

“There’s not going to be a million at the end. You’ve gotta accept that,” Alonzo, the Army vet, says.

But the token gay man (actually, his bio says he’s bisexual), Eagle Scout Michael, serves as the tie breaker, and votes with Cody.

Michael is the tie-breaking vote on the first decision about spending money

“Final answer: No items,” Michael tells production when they call on the satellite phone.

Gina, a cocktail waitress, is the early favorite to go home because she’s constantly bitching and moaning, about everything.

But in an unfortunate twist of fate, she’s awarded a “Temptation,” and it saves her for another day.

She gets to pick a partner, and she takes Michael with her.

They’re offered all kinds of food, in exchange for thousands of dollars of the group’s money.

To use group money to purchase the food for themselves is a total betrayal of the group, so Gina and Michael decide to lie about it. #Shadypants

Gina chooses the most expensive option and they stuff their faces, so she’s going to be around for another couple of days.

Gina and Michael spend thousands of dollars of the group’s money to stuff themselves

When they get back to camp, they tell everybody else they failed a challenge and didn’t win anything, but they’re not allowed to tell them about it.

That’s all good til the next pair goes on a “Temptation” retreat. #Busted

Bria, a wanna-be model who lives at home with her mom, comes out of the box strong.

Bria, who calls herself the “Black Barbie”, is the first to quit the game

“People are going to find out that I’m going to be the baddest bitch of this jungle,” Bria says. But she’s the first one to tap out.

After a day and night of extremely unpleasant stomach and intestinal distress, Bria quits when they receive their assignment to hike to the next location to find another $100,000.

The whole group has to arrive at their destination by a certain time, following the provided map specifically, in order to collect the money. If they’re late, they lose it.

Afraid she’ll hold back the whole group, and feeling like total s***, Bria fires the first flare for a rescue.

What do I think about this new show?

It’s like watching Baby Survivor. Except they can have anything they want if they choose to spend money on it.

Cody’s strategizing, and Michael and Gina’s lies, within the first 48 hours foreshadow some serious nasty selfishness in the upcoming episodes. Will be interesting to see how low these Millennials will sink.

Things we’re left wondering

If they’re already dropping after 24 hours on the island, how long can most of the original 10 stick with this?

Do most of them spend the day just staring at the drones flying around them? You know production is telling them not to look at the cameras. But drones are freakin’ mesmerizing.

How long til Gina and Michael get caught for lying about spending group money on their afternoon snack?

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9 c on MTV.

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