Stevie J’s daughter Savannah says Joseline Hernandez is ‘toxic’ to her dad on LHHATL

A close-up of Savannah talking to Mimi about Joseline on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Savannah talks to Mimi about Joseline on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Stevie J’s daughter Savannah says she think Joseline Hernandez is “so toxic” to her dad — and hopes that he wakes up and smells the coffee about her.

Savannah made the comment on last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in a conversation with Stevie’s ex Mimi Faust, who branded Joseline a “crazy nut job”.

The pair’s discussion about Stevie’s situation came after his bid to ease the bad blood between Joseline and his daughters failed when she never apologized.

During the conversation with Mimi, Savannah revealed how Stevie had told her Joseline had “basically proposed” to him, and when she came into their sit-down she was wearing a gold band.

Stevie later denied their rings were engagement rings, saying they were more like “friendship” rings, but the revelation obviously didn’t go down well with Mimi — who is trying to get a protection order to keep Joseline away from her and Stevie’s seven-year-old daughter Eva.

She’s still fuming after he claimed his daughters Sade and Savannah were responsible for Eva being around Joseline, mother to Stevie’s baby daughter Bonnie Bella.

And last night she and Savannah both agreed that while they hoped the rest of the family could stick together as a unit, that something had to change between him and Joseline.

Mimi said: “I’m sorry this happened. I just hope that at some point your dad can wake up and see what everyone else sees.”

Savannah added: “I just hope that our family — me, you, Eva, Sade, Steven, Dorian — all of us can stay together.”

Mimi said: “I hope he snaps out of it, I really do.”

Savannah replied: “For the sake of all of us. She’s so toxic to him.”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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