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Steven Tyler Super Bowl commercial 2018: Aerosmith frontman finds youth in Kia Stinger

Steven Tyler in 2018 Kia Stinger Super Bowl commercial
Steven Tyler today and, inset, as his younger self in the 2018 Kia Stinger Super Bowl commercial

Steven Tyler’s new 2018 Super Bowl commercial for the Kia Stinger sees the Aerosmith frontman find youth again — as he undergoes reverse-aging by speeding around a race track backwards.

The 69-year-olds advert comes in two parts, one in which the clock turns back time while another shows him returning to the present day — but with everything happening in reverse.

The first part of the Super Bowl commercial sees him walking out of his caravan then get into his Stinger as semi-retired Brazilian racing driver Emmerson Fittipladi looks on.

But instead of driving forwards, he thrusts the stick into reverse then speeds backwards around the desert-based track with smoke billowing from under the tires. Then hands on a clock in his campervan also spin backwards rapidly through time, and by the time he comes to a stop he has become a 20-something version of himself.

Security are then shown holding back crowds of screaming fans clad in 70s clothes, before they break through and run towards him asking for autographs as one shouts: “I love you!”

He gives a wry smile, as Aerosmith’s hit song Dream On kicks in and he speeds off again around the track before the commercial ends, saying: “Feel something again.”

The second version shows the same events happening in reverse as the crowds are once again contained and he speeds off — this time into the future. The Stinger has the tagline “fueled by youth: a state of mind”.

The commercial has a hidden message

The Steven Tyler Kia Stinger Super Bowl commercial commercial plays a few tricks by reversing time in several different ways, including with a secret message.

While returning to the future, Tyler is walking in reverse but a voice — hidden in the first version of the commercial — can then clearly be heard as he returns to his caravan, saying: “If you don’t wanna get stung, better be the Stinger!”

Who is the other person in the ad?

Brazilian racing driver Emmerson Fittipladi won the Formula One World Championship twice in the 1970s — as well as the Indianapolis 500, in 1989 and 1993 — when he was an unprecedented 47 years old. Despite being 71, he has still not fully retired from racing.

Watch Steven Tyler’s Kia Stinger Super Bowl commercial

And here it is in ‘reverse’

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