Steve Lodge shouldn’t cave to the pressure of marrying Vicki Gunvalson

Steve Lodge
Steve Lodge shouldn’t cave to the pressures of marrying Vicki. Pic credit: Bravo

Steve Lodge has been with Vicki Gunvalson for a few years now, following his arrival as the knight in shining armor after Vicki’s public breakup with Brooks Ayers.

At the time, Vicki was being accused of knowing about Brooks’ cancer scam and defending him, even though it was clear at the time that his stories on The Real Housewives of Orange County were not matching up.

Steve and Vicki started dating back in 2016 and while Steve wants to just have fun now that he’s retired, Vicki is ready to get married. After dating for just a year, Vicki was asking him about a proposal, a wedding, and commitment.

While Steve Lodge usually shrugs off the questions from Vicki, her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars are now asking him about a potential wedding date. During a conversation with Tamra Judge, Steve got up and walked away because he didn’t want to face the questions anymore.

Vicki has revealed that she hates being single and having the commitment of marriage. But Steve may not want to get married. While he hasn’t opened up about his past on the show as he has no desire to share his personal life on the popular television show, everyone knows what Vicki wants.

But Steve Lodge shouldn’t cave to the pressure from Vicki. If he wants to enjoy his retirement and just play golf, he should be able to. Vicki will continue to express her desire to get married, but she should learn to respect his answer.

If she continues to push him, he may just walk away from the relationship.

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