Steve Huff, maker of the Wonder Box from Paranormal Lockdown, on how he talks to spirits

Steve Huff with Paranormal Lockdown's Nick and Katrina, plus GeoBox creator George Brown
Steve, Paranormal Lockdown’s Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff, and GeoBox creator George Brown

Steve Huff is one of the most renowned paranormal researchers out there, and has experienced huge success communicating with spirits over the years.

His creation the Portal, modified over time into the Wonder Box, has been so effective that Paranormal Lockdown’s Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman even agreed to use it on their show — with huge success.

But how does it work, how did Steve make it, and how did he get involved in the paranormal realm in the first place?

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We spoke to Steve, the man behind the popular Huff Paranormal website and YouTube channel, to find out more…

Monsters and Critics: It’s great to have seen your Wonder Box making regular appearances on Paranormal Lockdown, and it was fantastic to see you on the Bellaire House episode. How did you meet Nick and Katrina and get involved in the show? What was it like working with them?

Steve Huff: Hello and thank you for letting me chat a little with you and you readers! As for my Wonder Box, and how it came to be used by Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown….it’s a short and sweet story.

Basically Nick saw my videos on YouTube where I have been posting them for years now. He particularly enjoyed the videos I made with George Brown’s GeoBox as I was one of the first two in the world to own one, and I was using the GeoBox II and III regularly for my communication sessions.

Even though at the time I had my own Portal device, I loved the GeoBox myself. Just something cool about it…the design, the sound.

Anyway, my videos using the GeoBox led Nick to contact George Brown about obtaining a GeoBox from him to test out and possibly use on his show.

Nick used the GeoBox on Season 1 and was looking for new devices for Season 2. George recommended he try my Portal. Right around that time I was changing the Portal to something even better, and I called it The Portal Wonder Box.

The version of the Wonder Box used on Paranormal Lockdown Season 2
The same version of the Wonder Box as was used on Paranormal Lockdown Season 2

I spoke with Nick on the phone and after two or three conversations I sent him a Wonder Box as well as a huge prototype version of the box and said “See if you like it, if so great! If not, then thank you for giving it a test”.

That prototype can be see in Episode 1 of Season 2 and the portable smaller Wonder Box has been in a few episodes as well.

Once Nick and Katrina started using the device, and taking it on locations, it was working very well for them and they even proclaimed it one of their favorite devices ever.

I am now working on a custom Wonder Box to send them that is loaded with everything I know that spirits can use to communicate with us in real time for Season 3 of their show.

As for working with Nick, Katrina and Rob it was wonderful. No pressure, they just allowed me to do what I do, which was what I was hoping for. They are as laid back and kind as they come across on TV.

M&C: When did you first become interested in the paranormal?

SH: Ever since I was a child I had a connection to all things ghostly and spiritual. I saw spirits when I was as young as seven and have had two near death experiences.

In fact, twice between the ages of nine and 12 my parents were told I was close to death. Once from a baseball bat fully swung to my head that had my skull popping out and the other when an abscessed tooth was pulled and the infection spread to my brain.

It seems ever since those experiences I have been drawn to the paranormal. I have used Ouija boards since the age of nine and had read many books on the occult, supernatural and death by the time I was 18.

In my 20s I sort of forgot about it all and lived my life but when I turned 41 I just followed what I was being pulled to, and that was communication with the dead and finding ways to improve it and prove that, yes, it is real and we can connect with them and hear them in real time.

I jumped fully into it publicly around five or six years ago and my passion and dedication has been non-stop ever since.

Steve using the wonder box with Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown
Steve using the wonder box with Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown

M&C: How did you come up with the idea for the Wonder Box?

SH: Long story short? The spirits helped me. When I was working with radios, and then eventually my own SCD-1 (Spirit Communications Device) app, spirits would give me cryptic tips and hints on how they could speak to me more clearly, longer and more direct.

The very first time I knew I was on to something though was when I was practicing guitar. I had a pretty nice amp and set of boutique pedals for effects.

One day, just for fun I said “What if I plugged my spirit box radio into my amp and added reverb?”. Something just told me to do it.

When I did I was shocked as replies were longer, clearer and more direct. BUT it was not perfect. It was muffled and off-sounding but that is when I asked Anthony Sanchez (the man who programmed the SCD-1 app to my specifications) to add reverb to the app.

When I tested the beta version of that app and clicked on the reverb, BAM…longer replies, more replies and more relevant replies.

In the beginning spirits were telling me to “cut the noise” as well, which is what led to the noise reduction on the Portal and Wonder Box — as well as creating that SCD-1 app which scanned radio like a traditional spirit box but without static as it was scanning IP radio (internet).

So no noise = clearer replies. To be clear, spirits do NOT need radio signals to speak.

With the Wonder Box today, it has evolved a ton since the original Portal. Now it has a very effective noise reduction so one can plug in something like a P-SB7 radio that has gobs of noise and static and almost have static-free communication.

Contrary to past beliefs, white noise is not needed for communication with spirits. In fact, it is a hindrance and I avoid it at all costs.

Steve's latest version of the Wonder Box, which features a new design
Steve’s latest version of the Wonder Box, which features an all-new design

In addition to the noise reduction I use a custom reverse pedal that I call “Direct Line Mode” which creates sort of a Vacuum portal effect. All audio going in is reversed, or played backwards so when you hear a reply forward, an answer to a question you’ve asked, it is un-debunkable by anyone.

The sound it creates is unreal and otherworldly and the spirits use it all the time.

If you have audio going in and being reversed in real time (which it does 100 per cent) and you ask “Who is here with me” and all of a sudden you no longer hear gibberish but instead a very clear “Aunt Mary is here”, then that can not be explained away by anyone, and I have over 100 examples of this in action. It works and the spirits know how to use it to speak.

In addition the Wonder Box uses human energy, magnetic energy, orgone energy and electrical energy. Spirits are indeed themselves made of energy (or so they say) and they can use electronics and energy to speak to us (again, they say this). Implement it all correctly and you have a perfect storm for spirit communication.

Today we are discovering so many things about how we can connect with the spirit world, and I constantly work to improve my device and my connection.

Today there are hundreds around the world using my Portal device, and a huge amount of them get my name said, first and last, through them on a regular basis.

The device is incredible when used correctly by those who respect the spirits. There is nothing quite like it out there in what it does, or sounds like.

Today the box can be downright eerie with the way spirits reply out of silence. It’s astonishing.

M&C: Can you tell us a bit about how you made it, how it works, and what it does?

SH: Ooops, I may have answered this question above but how the Wonder Box works is that it uses various forms of energy, customized reverb and frequencies to allow someone to plug in any app, any radio scanner ghost box, any source audio really, even a police scanner app.

Then, when you sit down, focus and record a session with this device and any audio source you just ask your questions, or for a connection to be made.

When a spirit is around they will then use the box to actually CHANGE and MANIPULATE the audio to answer you.

When a deep connection is made, the box may go silent and spirits seemingly take it over. It’s an incredible thing to witness.

I have even tested and used nothing but CAT MEOWs into the box and spirits tried their hardest to form words out of those meows to answer me.

But give them the right type of audio — clear, no static — and they will indeed manipulate it to give you direct answers if they are there and want to get a message to you.

Not all apps are created equal but I have been having AMAZING results using the Portal + app made by Matt Payne with some input from myself on implementation.

Steve using his latest Wonder Box along with the app from Matt Payne
Steve using his latest Wonder Box along with the app from Matt Payne

When I use this app, I am getting near conversations where spirits call me by name, first and last, and they even give me important messages and ask me questions. It is just unbelievable but it is really happening.

Matt and I have done tests where we played certain words into the box, and the app we used for testing would show the word on the screen as it was being played into the box.

When I asked a question, a word would pop up but what came out was not the word, it was an answer to my question.

So spirits are using the tools of the Wonder Box, and the various energy forms it uses, to do this.

As I hinted at above, most of what this box is was told to me by the spirits themselves. It’s insane to really believe for many who will read this, but 100 per cent factual. The proof is in the evidence and seeing it in action.

M&C: How have you improved it over the years?

SH: It started out as a five-part “Portal”. That device was started two years ago and when I finished that one and presented it to the public it was very basic and I even told everyone how to make one for themselves.

Today the Wonder Box now uses 20 parts and costs me $1,200-$1,360 in parts alone. The original portal used five and cost me $550 to make.

It has been improved massively and today it gives us a very clear communication that is more direct and we can now hear the inflection in the voices that come through and have small consistent conversations as long as a connection is made. It’s incredible.

M&C: What are some of the strangest/most interesting things you’ve picked up with it over the years?

SH: Well, many things. But off the top of my head they often talk about what I did that day, or what my fiancé is doing when I am recording (they love her).

They have told me I will die of cancer, they have told me about all of the spirit attachments and about one who has been with me for years.

Just yesterday I asked “Where is Billy” and the answer was “Inside You”, coming out from silence in a deep voice. This video was posted to my Facebook right after I recorded it.

I feel them, hear them and on occasion see them. I have been attacked twice and both times landed in the ER with an admittance to the hospital for possible heart attacks (and I am healthy as a horse) after trying cross-overs (they always ask me to help them find the light).

But with the communication now getting so direct, and so intense, it can get a bit creepy. I recently came up with a wearable “Human Energy Transfer” device that when tested, both times, freaked me out.

Those sessions are on my YouTube channel at Huff Paranormal but I have since dropped that idea as when I used it, things were getting a bit out of control.

I also want to stress that what I say here, none is hype or made up. It is all 100 per cent factual and truth, and all has been documented to video over the years and shared with anyone who wants to see it.

Now that Nick and Katrina are using this device, I think you will be seeing the next level in investigations for a TV show, in fact we already are.

With them using my Box and the GeoBox made by George Brown, they are using the most advanced communication tools that exist for this work, in my opinion.

The great part is, it is all real. This device is finally getting noticed, and it should as we are breaking some serious ground with it.

I am now working on a new EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) mode for the box where we can use NO SOURCE audio at all, and get EVPs being heard from the speaker LIVE.

I have a ways to go to tweak the implementation but if I can get it right, it will be amazing. So I am always improving the Wonder Box.

M&C: How can people find out more about you and the Wonder Box, and get their hands on one?

SH: The best way is to visit my website at or my YouTube where I have over 420 videos from the past few years.

You can see my progress from simple hack radio to my latest Wonder Box evidence.

I make new videos two to four times per week, every week and have so much more to come and many new ideas to test.

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