Stephen Curry’s daughter gets every little girl’s dream in Playhouse Masters premiere

Ayesha and Stephen Curry with their daughters checking out their new den in Playhouse Masters
Ayesha and Stephen Curry with their daughters – scroll down for the video preview

Tonight on the Playhouse Masters premiere — Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry commissions an amazing playhouse for his daughters.

The NBA star’s four-year-old Riley is after something pony themed and the designers don’t disappoint, building a stunning playhouse with fantastic attention to detail.

Stephen Curry's daughter's playhouse
The interior of Stephen Curry’s daughter’s playhouse

This new reality show on TLC follows two Canadian playhouse designers, Tyson and Audy Leavitt, as they create amazing structures for some very lucky children.

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Tyler concentrates on the construction whilst Audy transforms the interiors into a magical place for children to spend time.

Riley Curry plays on her new swing
Riley Curry plays on her new swing

As Tyler says: “We get to build structures that no one else in the world gets to build.”

Audy adds: “Our business is about big ideas.”

Playhouse Masters Tyler and Audy
Tyler and Audy run their business Charmed Playhouses from Alberta, Canada

Tyson used to work in the landscape business before deciding he wanted more fun in his work and set up Charmed Playhouses to create these very cool structures.

It all stars with some ideas and a sketch
It all stars with some ideas and a sketch

However, the work is not just in creating and outfitting the playhouses. Actually getting the finished product to the owner’s house can be a tricky business, with power lines, low bridges and weather all creating challenges.

Audy was a registered nurse and a fitness instructor before she took time out to raise their kids and then got involved with the playhouses.

Playhouse Masters
This looks like something from a Harry Potter movie!

Later in the series Ali Landry’s kids get an amazing birdhouse, Ryan Zimmerman’s little girl gets a fairytale castle and Alana De La Garza’s kids have their eyes on the stars.

If you fancy one for your own kids they start around $7,000 up to $25,000 and beyond, depending on the specification.

Watch Playhouse Masters tonight at 10pm on TLC. 

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