Station 19 return date, crossover with Grey’s Anatomy hinted?

Station 19 Finale Image
Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera on Station 19 cast. Pic credit: ABC

The Station 19 return date was just hinted at in a big way. ABC finally released a preview for Season 3 of the hit show but didn’t reveal all the information that fans have been clamoring to see for months.

When Grey’s Anatomy returned to Thursday nights this fall, it was not accompanied by Station 19. Instead, the network held back the companion show, with plans to wait for episodes of How to Get Away with Murder to end.

And then, ABC released this teaser trailer below.

In the Station 19 footage above, which is only 15 seconds in length, it reveals that the show will finally return to television in January 2020. The teaser trailer revealed no specific date, but that’s not exactly a change in methods for the network.

Taking an extended look at the trailer, it’s clear that Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is in it. She is on Grey’s Anatomy and is married to Ben Warren (Jason Winston George).

Does this indicate that the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy is going to play right up to the return of Station 19 in the winter? It might. It would be a way to tie the two shows together again. The timelines have been off in the past.

That’s not the only crossover of characters. Jackson from Grey’s (Jesse Williams) and Vic from Station 19 (Barrett Doss) are in a relationship that has helped keep the firehouse in touch with Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

But wait — there’s more. Below is the sneak peek for the 2019 Grey’s Anatomy fall finale.

There are so many questions here. Why is Ben running through the hospital? Why was Seattle’s Station 19 shown? What does that fire have to do with the plot? Is the fire from the Grey’s Anatomy fall finale and the Station 19 season premiere footage from the same event?

ABC viewers that watch both shows will want to make sure to watch this Grey’s Anatomy fall finale, as it may also leave some clues about how Season 3 of Station 19 will arrive. Then, we will all have to wait until ABC wants to give us a specific date and time for Season 3, Episode 1. At least we know it will happen in January.

Station 19 will return with new episodes on ABC in January 2020.

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