Staten Island Hustle on CNBC: First look and meet the cast

Hustlers are born every day, but not many like the five go-getters and maestros-of-making-it-happen who make up the cast of CNBC’s new series Staten Island Hustle.

The show, which debuts April 11 on CNBC, is about five friends — Adolfo, Mike, Dom Big Ron and Tony D. — all businessmen from the New York City borough.

The guys are light in the CV department — none have an MBA and only one has a college degree. But grit, ingenuity, and imagination combined with tenacity make for great bedfellows. And these guys always ‘got a guy’ who can facilitate the deal to happen.

Staten Island Hustle is about the hustle, and the drive to succeed that makes or breaks a fortune.

In the first episode, as shown in Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip above, the guys check out a water filtration company device that will turn a restaurant’s tap water into “New York Water” for classic NY-style dough for pizza crusts and bagels.

Let’s meet the guys who are all about hatching plans and having fun in the business world…

Uncle Dom Detore – “The Boss”

Dom Detore
Dom Detore is the center of it all on CNBC’s new series

The big man Dom is a commercial/residential building contractor based out of Staten Island. His wife Janine Detore is the late Big Ang’s (Mob Wives) sister.

He’s wheeling and dealing all over New York and New Jersey, negotiating deals in the near million-dollar range. Through his business, Dom’s always ‘got a guy’ for just about anything.

Dom and Janine live on Staten Island with their seven children, including Dom’s oldest daughter Jeannie who teaches her pop about Pop-Up shops!

Adolfo LaCola – “The Professor”

Adolfo LaCola
Adolfo made his mark in hip-hop, but can he conquer other ventures?

The brainiac Adolfo is the one with a college degree. Adolfo cut his teeth in the hip-hop community as co-owner of Ghostface Killah’s record label, Starks Enterprises.

When he’s not in Los Angeles he’s in New York, with multiple business ventures on each coast, and is always in the know about the latest and greatest next big thing.

Big Ron Montana – “The Hustler”

Big Ron Montana
You better come straight to Big Ron — he doesn’t play around

Big Ron, who has the nickname “The Hustler”, is the king of street-smarts and has a crazy “in it to win it” drive. Ron is an entrepreneur who has invested in multiple small businesses over the past decade.

But don’t cross Ron, as loyalty is a must and he has spidey senses when deals feel and smell a little off.

Mike Palmer – “The Negotiator”

Mike Palmer
Mike is all about the finesse when it comes to making deals

The tinkerer Mike, also known as “Moose”, owns an auto repair and collision shop and he knows everyone on the island.

Charismatic, he’s the salesman of the group who can calm down any hot and hostile situation. Palmer is reasonable and is considered a closer, and he knows how to create workable compromises and get the deal done.

Mike manages the group’s business relationships.

Tony D – “Mr. Wall Street”

Tony D.
Tony has made a mark in business without sheepskins

Look out Carl Icahn, Tony D. may not have an M.B.A. but he is a Wall Street soldier with over 30 years of selling experience.

He mentors and teaches a lecture series on investing, and has had over 18,000 financial advisors under his tutelage over the years.

Tony is the numbers genius, and despite his light CV, he still takes care of the legalese, some patents, contracts, business plans and often helps find the funding for many of the Hustlers’ projects.

Some guys just know the business!

Staten Island Hustlers airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC starting April 11, 2018.

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