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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recap: A mole, crime boss and Isabella spell trouble for Harry

Harry’s ex pays Isabella a very disturbing visit

This episode pretty much picks up from where last week left off and sees Harry calling time on his uneasy relationship with Isabella.

However, Harry barely has time to process the end of this relationship when he is called in to investigate the murder of a guy called Browning.

The evidence, which is nothing more than cercamstantial leads to crime lady Lilly Ann Leo who harry knows very well having formerly been a regular gambler in her Casinos.

Things get a bit tricky when a lock of Leo’s hair found at the murder scene conveniently goes missing from the evidence locker. Orwell who has been searching for alternative employment is put in the frame.

Isabella gives Harry’s Ex wife a proper scare in a game of Russian Roulette

While all of this is happening, Harry’s ex-wife Anna starts to investigate Isabella and confronts her. When Anna makes the mistake of calling Isabella perfect, she has somewhat of a meltdown and pulls out a gun from her desk and process to play a game of Russian Roulette. Adding a bullet after each squeeze of the trigger. As she gets to the point where the chamber is fully loaded, Anna runs out of Isabella’s apartment in a panic. After Anna leaves Isabella pulls the trigger on a fully loaded gun and somehow the firing mechanism fails to do its job.

Orwell who is still set on leaving the force revisits the office block where he has been interviewed for a security job, but finds that the security firm was some sort of front. Realising that he has been framed for stealing evidence from the police that implicates Leo Orwell does a runner.

Harry and Suri eventually catch up with Orwell and hear him out. Harry who already has a hunch takes Orwell at his word. Despite the bad blood between them.

Ed McCarthy makes amends by helping Harry and Suri sting Leo

Later Harry pays a visit to the evidence locker and strikes up what seems to be some easy banter with the officer in charge who is called Ed McCarthy. After a bit of back and forth Harry manages to get Ed to reveal that he has been working for Leo by leaking little bits of information to her.  It turns out that Ed’s daughter amassed some gambling debts to Leo that she could not pay and Leo used these debts as leverage to get Ed to do her bidding.

Harry and the team manage to persuade Ed to help them in a sting operation against Leo. This operation sees Ed having to wear a wire, but he also has to somehow switch Orwell’s Mobile Phone with Leo’s while pleading with her for his life.

Lilly Ann Leo arrested for conspiracy to commit murder

The sting ultimately works and Leo orders Ed’s death using Orwell’s mobile. Which works as evidence enough for Harry and the team to convict her for conspiracy to murder.

After having wrapped the case up Harry goes out with his brother for a celebratory shot of whisky. While at the bar Harry sees Isabella getting very cosy with his boss chief Winter.

As the episode draws to a close Harry pays a visit to Eve to try and formulate a plan to take Isabella down, which could be easier said than done.

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