Southern Charm Savannah Season 3: Is Lyle Mackenzie dating a Bravo producer?

Lyle MacKenzie
Lyle Mackenzie appears to have moved on from Catherine Cooper. Pic credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Lyle Mackenzie’s love story with Catherine Cooper was the focus of Season 1 and 2 of Southern Charm Savannah.

Lyle was ready to settle down and he even proposed to Catherine, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to get engaged. As she pointed out, they hadn’t figured out where they were going to live, how they were going to make money, or what they were going to do for their careers.

While Catherine didn’t seem too eager to settle down, she did commit herself to him during the Season 2 finale. It may have been short-lived, as reports indicate they ended their relationship after filming ended.

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Lyle Mackenzie is now sharing photos of himself with another woman, who just so happens to have connections to Bravo. Even though he hasn’t confirmed that he’s in a relationship. Lyle did reveal that he looks forward to 2019 with his new lady friend.

Her name is Amanda Woolley and her Instagram account reveals she’s a senior story producer on Bravo’s Southern Charm. She even posted a photo of them together, revealing they spent New Year’s Eve together.

Her hashtag also revealed that it was a new year and hence, a new dude.

By all accounts, it sounds like they are indeed dating, but haven’t made the romance public yet.

If Southern Charm Savannah Season 3 does come back to Bravo, it will be interesting to see if Amanda will film with Lyle Mackenzie since she works for Bravo.

It’s also possible that Lyle won’t share his romantic relationship on the show, simply telling fans that he’s in a relationship and she doesn’t want to be on the show.

We’ve previously predicted that Southern Charm Savannah will be coming back for Season 3. Even though Bravo hasn’t announced anything, the franchise appears to have gained a following of fans, devoted to the characters on the show.

If Southern Charm Savannah does end up coming back on Bravo, it will premiere sometime this summer and run into September 2019, if it stays on schedule. Last year, the show premiered in July.

Southern Charm Savannah hasn’t been confirmed but if Bravo does move forward with Season 3, expect it to air in July 2019.

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