Southern Charm New Orleans cast: Meet the wealthy friends on Bravo’s new show

The Southern Charm New Orleans cast
The Southern Charm New Orleans cast, who you’ll soon know VERY well

Meet the cast of Bravo’s newest reality extravaganza — Southern Charm New Orleans!

This exclusive circle friends are among the city’s wealthiest residents, all born into prominent families in the area.

They like nothing more than to enjoy the good life, attending the top parties and living in luxury.

But as Bravo fans can expect, beneath the surface of the fun and frolics are storylines filled with secrets and scandal.

Say hello to the six faces that make up the main Southern Charm New Orleans cast — who you’ll soon be more than familiar with!

Tamica Lee

Tamica Lee
Tamica Lee, who is the host of WGNO’s News With A Twist

Tamica is the face of local entertainment news in NOLA, as the host of WGNO’s News With A Twist.

She also has a MEGA social life, where she’s always out and about at the latest greatest party and lavish lunch.

On top of all that she’s a businesswoman, a wife and a mom of two, and also helps out with her brother’s charity organization.

She is no-holds-barred when it comes to saying what she thinks, and is married to…

Barry Smith

Barry Smith
Barry Smith is a successful entrepreneur, but his personal life has its issues

Barry is New Orleans born-and-bred and is Tamica’s other half.

He was bit into sports when he was younger, but later used his inside knowledge of the industry to launch his company FUEL Center for Fitness, which is an exclusive fitness culb which aims to help athletes live out their dreams.

But while he may be at the top of his game when it comes to business, his marriage and friendships are struggling — especially after one particular outburst.

Justin Reese

Justin Reese
Justin Reese has an array of successful business ventures

Justin makes his money as a personal injury lawyer (we all know there’s big bucks in that), and is also a sports agent.

Growing up with his dad a leading judge and his mom the equality activist Dottie Reese means his family are well known around town.

As well as his other endeavors, Justin is also the founder of gentleman’s social and business club Coterie.

He likes to work and play hard, and is currently also involved in rebuilding his childhood home after it was hit badly by Hurrcane Katrina in 2005.

In terms of a love life, he has a girlfriend, but is he ready to take things to the next level?

Reagan Charleston

Reagan Charleston
Reagan Charleston has an unorthodox approach to marriage, as viewers will see

Reagan’s family have a deep history in New Orleans, with her family owning the famous Coghlan Art Gallery in the French Quarter and ancestors having played a central role in the cultural history of the city.

They even created what is now the official drink of Louisiana, the Sazerac cocktail.

As Southern Charm New Orleans begins, Reagan is attending law school and doing an internship at a top law firm.

She’s also an entrepreneur, managing a jewelry and accessories line. But managing that with school, as well as her marriage are family, proves difficult.

Jeff Charleston

Jeff Charleston
Jeff Charleston played for the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints

Jeff is Reagan’s husband and is a retired professional football player, having played college football at Idaho State University played his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts.

He later played for the New Orleans Saints, and has a Super Bowl title to his name. However, he is now facing some issues that point to being related to his time in sport.

Jon Moody

Jon Moody
Jon Moody is known around the world for his artwork

Jon is an artist famous for his evocative and provocative portraits, through which he tries to awareness of social and economic issues including those that affect all of us around the world.

His work is regularly commissioned by famous faces, and has even been featured in the White House. It also featured on the TV shows Star and Empire, which took his career to another level.

He is fully focused on is career, and won’t let anything get in his way — but is always conscious of having a positive influence on others.

Southern Charm New Orleans trailer

Southern Charm New Orleans airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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