Who is playing Abigail on Days of our Lives?

Kate Mansi as Abigail on Days of Our Lives
Kate Mansi is taking back the role of Abigail on Days of Our Lives. Pic credit: NBC

Who is the new Abigail, Days of our Lives fans? In this case, it’s an old Abigail back for a new turn!

Yes, Days of our Lives has a new Abigail, but it’s Kate Mansi who is actually returning to her previous role on the NBC sudser.

Abigail from Days of our Lives was most recently portrayed by Marci Miller. Today Mansi takes over for Miller, who did a blockbuster job in the role of the tortured woman.

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Marci Miller as Abigail on Days of Our Lives
Marci Miller recently left the role of Abigail on Days of Our Lives. Pic credit: NBC

Mansi played Abigail from 2011 until late 2016, but she has returned to her role as the fan fave heroine.  Mansi won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2017 for her role as Abigail. Welcome back, Kate!

Mansi has stepped back into the role at a red-hot time in the storyline involving her alters, her new baby, and her undeserved room at Bayview Sanitarium!

Today we see the tormented beauty in her padded cell when someone brings her food. But she’s shrouded in a blanket! The patient is not having a good day and doesn’t want to see anyone but help is on the way.

Both Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Stefan (Tyler Christopher) have plans to see justice done for Abigail.

Ben tells Chad (Billy Flynn) that he can help Chad see ailing Abigail as Chad is upset that the place won’t give him news on her condition.  But things take a sour turn for Ben when he pops up to see Stefan who throws him off the mansion grounds.

So, it’s mom Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) to the rescue! She arranges for Chad to take pictures of her new baby to Abigail. Hopefully, these will shake her out of her funk.

Today is the day that new Abigail debuts, and you do not want to miss the moment that Chad and Abigail lock eyes for the first time!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC.

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