Laura Wright reveals her favorite thing about playing Carly on General Hospital

Laura Wright loves playing Carly on General Hospital.
General Hospital star Laura Wright shares her favorite part of paying Carly. Pic Credit: @ABC

Actress Laura Wright has been playing Carly Corinthos on General Hospital for almost 15 years. The blonde beauty was a recast in the fan-favorite role, replacing Jennifer Bransford in 2005. It took a while, but Wright eventually won over viewers with her portrayal of the sassy, opinioned, stubborn but well-meaning character.

Wright is always praising her love for GH and playing the character of Carly on social media. She blesses fans with behind the scenes moments and fun videos from the set frequently.

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Recently the 49-year-old opened up to Soaps In Depth revealing her favorite thing about playing Sonny Corinthos’ current wife.

“I would not get involved in people’s lives the way Carly does, but it’s so much fun playing her. I have no judgment of her at all. I love every crazy, weird thing she does because that means I get to have a fun day at work! And I love playing that bad, twisting-the-mustache part of her. That’s funny, Carly,” Wright expressed.

The Guiding Light alum loves her job, which makes it easy to keep a positive, upbeat attitude at work. Wright knows she is blessed to have such a fabulous job, especially the fun environment created by the cast and crew.

Over the years on GH, Wright has endured a lot playing Carly. The character has been kidnapped, lost a child, had a child get shot, spent time at Ferncliff, suffered two complicated pregnancies, and oh so much more. The actress relishes every storyline the writers send her way.

“I’m having a great time telling whatever story they choose to give me, and they seem to come up with great ones. I don’t ever get bored. I can look at a script and be upset or complain, or I could say, ‘Let’s dig in and do this!’ And I always find something to dig into,” the mother of two shared.

The off-screen appreciation and love Wright has for Carly, as well as the ABC soap opera in general, comes across to fans on screen. It is one of the many hidden talents of Daytime Emmy winner.

There are several reasons General Hospital beauty Laura Wright loves playing Carly Corinthos. Anyone who follows her on social media knows she is not faking her appreciation for her job. She gets to have fun at work, dig her heels into juicy material and work with soap greats such as Maurice Benard and Genie Francis.

Another bonus for Wright is her boyfriend of two years, Wes Ramsey also stars on GH. She gets to hang with her beau in between takes, as well as watch him showcase his incredible acting skills.

Those who don’t follow the actress on social media should. Wright’s Instagram stories and feed are full of General Hospital goodies.

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