Is The Young and the Restless still on PopTV, and will it be returning to its evening timeslot?

Eric Braeden as Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless
PopTV moved The Young and the Restless to the morning after this week. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless has been airing on PopTV in the evenings for a few years now. The cable network picked up soaps in the evening to try and draw more of a viewership.

However, this week PopTV changed its schedule to just show The Young and the Restless episodes the morning after they have aired on CBS.

The change does not appear to have been publicized widely. Viewers are still able to see the show, as long as they don’t work during the day, but it is a day behind.

Just a few weeks ago, PopTV dropped The Bold and the Beautiful from its lineup completely. The two soaps used to run as a package, but now The Young and the Restless is the only surviving soap on the network.

Not everyone appears to have been thrilled by the change, which has left some viewers confused.

Many also said they enjoyed having the evening timeslot as it meant people who worked during the day could watch the soap at night.

In good news for fans, though, a quick look at the PopTV schedule for next week shows The Young and the Restless appears to be returning to the 7pm timeslot.

A lot has happened on The Young and the Restless in recent weeks. With Ashley (Eileen Davidson) leaving for Paris and Jabot moving out of family hands, things in Genoa City are anything but normal.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS and, for this week, the next morning at 9/8c on PopTV.

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