General Hospital: When will Finola Hughes return as Anna Devane?

Finola Hughes as Anna Devane on General Hospital.
Anna takes part in a special episode. Pic credit: ABC

If you’re a Finola Hughes fan (and who isn’t?!) we have good news for you — the General Hospital star will be back ensconced in Port Charles next month.

Hughes bids adieu to the canvas each year for an extended vacation, and we can now update you that her return airdate is set for Thursday, September 19th.

Perhaps she will bring a solution to the whole twin plot mystery shebang that has been going on for what seems like an eternity? Port Charles must have more twins with transferred memories per capita than any other U.S. city.

Anna and her twin, Alex were involved in Dr. Cabot’s (Time Winters) twisted experiments way back when. Could some of her memories be Alex’s? She had to find out, especially since it could involve her status as a mother. After Alex and Anna were toyed with, Cabot set his sights on twins Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller).

Drew has just departed, but not before his very traveled memories were implanted into Franco (Roger Howarth). Drew is off to find Dr. Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) who played a part in the fiasco and let’s hope that he does so that Anna comes back to an old flame now that her current flame is taking sidelong glances at his ex.

Fanna fans were dismayed to learn that just as Anna was leaving, Hayden (Rebecca Budig) was arriving. Finn (Michael Easton) has remained true to Anna, but not because of a lack of effort on Hayden’s part.

Hayden has confessed she still has feelings for Finn, and we have no idea about their supposed love child.

When Anna returns, not a moment too soon, will she find that Finn has moved on? A lot can happen between now and then. Let’s hope that Fanna remains rock-solid, but if not, that handsome Aussie hunk Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) is still in town!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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