Days of our Lives spoilers: Marlena, Kayla and Kate truth bomb reveals their fate and a surprise return

Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts Brady on Days.
Things are not what they seem with Kayla, Kate and Marlena on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives spoilers tease that February sweeps are going out with a twist that will keep fans talking for months.

The final week of February means Days is ramping up the drama and truth bombs.

It turns out the hit Peacock soap opera has saved the best for last that will also explain a couple of high-profile returns.

This week ended with Orpheus (George DelHoyo) informing Steve (Stephen Nichols) and John (Drake Hogestyn) he wasn’t the person who poisoned Marlena (Deidre Hall), Kate (Lauren Koslow), and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).

The latest promo video of the daytime drama is a major teaser that gives a clue as to what Orpheus is talking about.

Paulina hears a message from Kate

After Kayla was able to send a message to Steve, Kate decided to try and reach Roman (Josh Taylor). It worked, too, because Roman heard her plea to stop the plan to kill Orpheus.

In the promo footage, Kate can be heard trying to contact her husband again.

However, this time around, Paulina (Jackée Harry) intercepts the message, informing Kate that Roman has stepped out.

Jake drops a bombshell on Kate, Marlena and Kayla

Days fans have known since this storyline began that Kayla, Kate, and Marlena could not all actually die. It’s been a rollercoaster ride that left viewers scratching their heads and had Deidre Hall telling fans to “say cool and carry on.”

Finally, things fall into place as the women learn their fate with a little help from Jake (Brandon Barash). The late DiMera surfaces as a heavenly advocate for the three ladies, revealing they are still alive.

Marlena wonders how they can be alive if they aren’t on earth, with dramatic music and a camera pan answering that question. Kayla, Marlena, and Kate are featured lying asleep in cryogenic-like chambers.

The location is clearly a lab and is very reminiscent of the type of lab and chamber that Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) was holding Bo (Peter Reckell) in at the end of Beyond Salem Chapter Two.

Days of our Lives spoilers revealed that Megan returns next week, so it’s a safe bet she’s the one keeping the three women alive. All bets are also on her turning out to be the mastermind behind poisoning Kate, Kayla, and Marlena.

With the return of Bo and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) coming soon, Days fans can expect that the current storyline with Kate, Marlena, and Kayla will play a part in the revelation Bo is also alive.

Be sure to tune in daily so that not a moment of the crazy entertainment is missed.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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