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Snakes, bugs and morgues as Fear Factor returns with Ludacris as host

A contestant with snakes on her face on MTV's Fear Factor
A contestant with snakes on her face in the new revamped version of Fear Factor on MTV

It’s been five years, but Fear Factor is BACK — with Ludacris as the new host and a whole new assortment of horrifying challenges for contestants competing for the grand prize.

The series originally hosted by Joe Rogan aired on NBC from 2001 and 2006, before being revived for one season in 2011. It last aired in July 2012 as a two part special.

Now it’s been revamped and renewed on MTV for 12 one-hour episodes as teams of two face their biggest fears in a bid to win a big cash prize.

That means lots of snakes, spiders and bugs…

Ludacris holding a striped snake
Ludacris holds up a snake as he asks a contestant to kiss it
A woman squirms in bed while covered in bugs
A contestant squirms after being covered in bugs while in bed

…but also things like being wrapped in an air-tight bag and put in a storage chamber for corpses at a morgue, and being submerged underwater in a glass tank with only tiny holes at the top to breathe.

Other stunts include climbing underneath a flying helicopter, and driving a car on to a moving truck.

Contestants in a tank underwater, as it's lowered by chains
Contestants trapped in a tank as it’s lowered into the water
A woman climbs underneath a helicopter
A woman climbs underneath a helicopter for another Fear Factor challenge
A contestant on a gurney wrapped in plastic at a morgue, with a tiny hole for air where his mouth is
A contestant is wrapped in plastic before being put in a morgue chamber

The challenges are aimed at the new generation of MTV viewers with many based on modern viral videos, as well as scary movies and urban legends.

Watch a clip of some of the scenes from the new Fear Factor hosted by Ludacris below…

Fear Factor premieres tonight, Tuesday May 30, at 10/9c on MTV.

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