Skate Into Love preview: Fans of school/sports C-Dramas will like Steven Zhang and Janice Wu on ice

Skate Into Love promotional picture
Steven Zhang and Janice Wu lead the cast in the new school/sports C-drama, Skate Into Love. Pic credit: Jiangsu TV/Zhejiang TV

If there is one genre that Chinese television gets right in their dramas (C-dramas), it is easily the school and sports life genre. Over the years, Chinese networks have released some of the most-memorable C-dramas from this genre including Sweet Combat and The Prince of Tennis – Match! Tennis Juniors.

Last year, the genre took a unique leap and bound when they included eSports in The King’s Avatar. That C-drama became one of the most popular series to air that year especially among gamers.

This year, Chinese television continues to have a hold on the genre with Skate Into Love. Starring Wu Qian (Janice Wu) and Zhang Xincheng (Steven Zhang), the series takes the school/sports genre in the ice skating rink.

Rivalry on Ice turns to Love on Ice

Skate Into Love is a school/sports C-drama centered about two childhood “friends” who share a love for ice skating. Tang Xue (Janice Wu) starts her new life at Lin Da University pursuing a degree to become a veterinarian. Through happenstance, she becomes the new helper for Li Yubing (Steven Zhang), the “Ice God” of the university’s successful hockey team.

Apparently, both Tang Xue and Li Yubing were “friends” back in their elementary school days though the term can be used quite lightly. Li was very timid and often found himself bullied by Tang. This time around, Xue would “suffer” at Li’s hands as he did things to make Tang’s life harder than it should be.

As time goes by, the “rivalry” between Tang Xue and Li Yubing opens opportunities for understanding between the two which eventually leads to love. Not only that, but they both also end up loving and supporting each other in their shared love for ice skating. For Li, it is of course hockey. For Tang, she slowly and surely learns to love speed skating again.

A good school/sports C-Drama for the daily self-distancing grind

On a side note, C-dramas are turning out to be one of the better dramas to watch out of all Asian entertainment. With new episodes airing every single weekday (Monday through Friday) and lasting only 45 minutes long, a series can keep viewers invested more so than other series that air one or two episodes a week.

Also, Skate Into Love, being a school/sports C-drama, utilizes as much of the school and sports life into their series. This includes other love interests that may or may not break the love Tang Xue and Li Yubing have for each other as well as “vital” sports competitions.

Ultimately, viewers who love their school/sports dramas will more than likely love Skate Into Love.

Production-wise, is C-drama in “The Honey Trilogy” which is three C-dramas produced by the same team as Ashes of Love. It is the second C-drama in the trilogy right after Ashes of Love and before Love When The Stars Fall.

Skate Into Love airs on weekdays, Monday to Friday, on Jiangsu TV and Zhejiang TV up to 40 episodes. For international viewers, the series is available to watch for free. with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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