Sizzling Saturday night on History as Road Hauks defies classic car design

History’s Road Hauks is like no other car show you have ever seen

New History Saturday night series Road Hauks is like no other car show or family business you have ever seen.

If you loved all the moshed up vehicles from futuristic dystopian nightmare flicks like Mad Max, you will absolutely love this series where creativity reigns with real horsepower and a love for history.

Take iconic American things like a B-52 plane or a Colt .45 gun, and even a Viking battering ram and blend them into a classic American car? Yep. They actually pull it off.

In the premiere, the guys take a 2007 Jeep Wrangler body and morph it into a World War II fighter plane-inspired off-road vehicle. They use steering yokes, an aircraft aluminum body, and authentic rivets to turn a Jeep into a fighter jet replete with a powerful train and rock crawling ability that classify this hybrid beastie as a monster truck in every way.

Owner and lead designer Kenny Hauk and his crack team take cars and trucks on a wild ride of a redesign.

But his road to fame and fortune was not an easy one. In 2008, like many people, he lost his job. That got him motivated to work for himself.

After being laid off, Kenny took his love for working on custom vehicles to a proper business level. Hauk Designs was created inside of his parents’ garage in Pennsylvania.

Now, Kenny has shepherded his company into a world-class garage where his concepts for vehicles are a heady mix of combining historical elements with cutting-edge off-road engineering.

Kenny can build anything, from high-concept works of art and high-horsepower monsters capable of tearing it up with classic American style.

These Picassos of welding metal test their skills as they take iconic car brands and rebuilds them to resemble planes and guns among many things.

Hauk is an interesting cat. He began his at-home shop initially customizing hard to find Jeep parts and then took this wild creative detour.

He and his crew started dabbling in radically customized vehicles, which lead to great interest from customers and then subsequent tours at car shows across the country.

Some of his cars Hauk’s cars have wound up in the possession of serious collectors all across the globe.

In a past interview with USA Today, Hauk said: “I’ve been contacted by guys from all over the world like in France, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and China about purchasing my cars…Recently we were over in Dubai showing guys over there how (to) use some our cars they had just bought.”

Now History is all up in Hauk’s business as they follow Hauk and his team conceptualizing and creating these insanely wild one-off cars that are found nowhere else on Earth.

We’ll be watching!

Road Hauks premieres April 8th at 10/9c on History

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