Sister Wives Tell All reunion preview for 2019: Unanswered questions loom

The end of Sister Wives Season 13 was titled Leaving Las Vegas, but it feels like huge unplanned changes are afoot for the Browns
The end of season 13 was titled Leaving Las Vegas, but it feels like huge unplanned changes are afoot for the Browns. Pic credit: TLC

The end of Season 13 for TLC’s Sister Wives was emotional and left many questions that may or may not be answered at the coming reunion show.

The latest episode was titled Leaving Las Vegas, as the fallout of the Brown family’s move was shown.  There was no happy rush to pack.

Gabriel Brown was the most resistant and his mother Janelle was torn apart because her access to her beloved grandson Axel was about to change dramatically.

How did Sister Wives Season 13 end?

The Brown family packed up several U-Haul trucks and made their move to Flagstaff. The episode was a compressed detailing of this move.

Chaotic scenes were interspersed with emotional breakdowns and peppered with complete meltdowns about the stress of living apart, as their life in Nevada was convenient and close. They know that Arizona will not be the same out of the gate.

Uncertainty is where the filming of this series left us viewers, and the fantastic home Robyn purchased aside, the others are quite nervous about their own homes and how far away they all are from each other.

Then, the rumors that Kody Brown may introduce yet another “wife” in the mix has everyone on edge.

What is next for Sister Wives?

The Sister Wives Tell All 2019 is coming next week and it has already been teased that Kody Brown may reveal during this episode that he has a new woman in his life.

Who will this upset the most? Fans seem to think Robyn will be the one most frosted by Kody’s desire to enlarge his modern-day LDS-offshoot religious harem.

Who is most upset by this Arizona move?

Gabriel is not having the move and calls his parents "hicks." Pic credit: TLC
Gabriel is not having the move and calls his parents “hicks.” Pic credit: TLC

Appearing more than bitter was son Gabriel Brown. Kody and Janelle’s son is not at all happy to be uprooted from his active high school life in Las Vegas, He explains to viewers that his parents are “hicks to the bone.”  Janelle says Gabe has “checked out.”

And while Kody has rationalized this as a break from being on the run, saying: “We have been in exile for seven years, Gabriel is MIA in the move and refused to help Janelle pack up his room, disappearing at times.

Gabriel describes the Brown kids as “city slickers” which is the total opposite of his parents, who prefer cloistered small towns.

One home for all or no?

That’s Sister Wives Season 14’s biggest reveal, as Kody dreams of one massive home to hold everyone. His wives are at the point where their space is more important. Given that they have their own businesses and plans, it seems logical that they would not want to live on top of each other.

Looking slimmer than he has in years, Kody Brown appears to be holding back specifics about the move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Will the ongoing series be the undoing of the Brown family? Kody’s ambitions for combining households, and perhaps adding yet another woman into the mix, may drive permanent wedges between him and the wives that he already has.

During the finale, fans on social media expressed some disgust regarding Kody’s behavior. Others questioned why his wives would even be willing to make a move for the Sister Wives star.

The episode showed, in the open, how the money squeeze was affecting Kody in his rush to move from Vegas to Flagstaff.  He said, “Las Vegas was a happy and safe place for us, but this is the first time we have chose to move somewhere.”

Kody is “being such a poop” says Meri, who appears to be tired of being the “whipping wife” in the lot. But oldest child and her only daughter Mariah’s emotional goodbye with her girlfriend Audrey crystallized Meri’s realization now that her only baby will be gone.

“It’s a big goodbye for all of us…I just hate the progression of life sometimes, she has just been my whole life for her whole life, and it’s just hard to see her go,” said Meri.

Of all the wives, she seems the most likely to slip away to restart her life in another direction.

Robyn seems the least likely, as she has the youngest children with Kody. Janelle is the wildcard, as her own entrepreneurial drive may elevate her and give her the freedom to make decisions without Kody’s approval.

“There’s a lot of unknowns within the family…there’s more physical distance and you never know what’s going to happen,” said Meri of the fact they are all spread out in a new town.

When they roll up on Robyn’s house in Flagstaff, this mid-century modern mashup is a spacious stunner. Immediately, the kids love it and the wives are gobsmacked. For the moment, they are happy.

The convenience of living next door to each sister wife will be gone for the Arizona move initially. The rentals for the other wives are not close.

“It feels like we are regressing a little bit,” says patriarch Kody. Robyn seems to be the happiest with a terrific home.

When is the Sister Wives Season 13 reunion?

The two-hour Tell All is scheduled for April 14 and April 21 at 8/7c on TLC.

It’s been the most moving season yet. In part one of Sister Wives Tell All, the Brown family sits down for an honest and frank discussion with SuChin Pak.

Talk turns to tears as Kody recounts the move and the emotional toll it took on him. Robyn comes clean as to who the real instigator is in creating a plural family. And Meri learns the truth about the family’s feelings towards her B&B culminating in a confrontation with Kody.

The Sister Wives Tell All Part 1 is an episode not to be missed, guaranteed to be filled with new insights and emotional meltdowns.

In the continuation of the most moving Sister Wives Tell All yet, the looming question from part 1 is finally answered. Was Meri’s desire to buy the Utah bed and breakfast a way out of the family for good?

Join SuChin Pak as she leads us through the difficulties of polygamy, asking our favorite plural family the hard questions: Will Christine and Meri ever be the same? Has Mariah come to terms with her Mothers catfishing incident? And what’s making the wives feel so vulnerable?

Tune into the reunion to see of Kody is expanding his family once again.

Sister Wives airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.