Sister Wives returns for Season 13 with even more wives afterward on Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife

TLC, the gift that keeps on giving with eye-popping TV is bringing back the Wives, not the “Real” ones, the Sister Wives!

From the super teaser we can see that several huge bones of contention (coughmoneycough) coming for season 8, so let’s gather up the folds of our special Sister Wives dresses, put on the tea and discuss, shall we?

The wives hate Meri

No crazy eyes here, but Meri needs some bucks and deserves a cut for her service to Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC
No crazy eyes here, but Meri needs some bucks and deserves a cut for her service to Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC

It’s obvious from the clip that Meri wants out, and the others, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, hate her guts.

Meri – if you remember – was catfished and shamed pretty harshly. She was Kody’s number one until two, three and four came along and slowly became the ghosted sister wife.

According to various tabloid reports, Meri dusted off the Browns, found a new man and has started a B&B at her great-grandparents’ home in Utah.

But the clip suggests Meri returns to the Brown compound to get some cheddar for her new venture. That’s not happening, as you can see the steel set in Kody’s eyes and demeanor. It’s crying poor time as the other wives get on the same page about letting us all know Meri is on the outs, except for weddings and birthdays, where they have to put up with her.

Kody is dragging the Browns to Arizona

You know the other wives talked smack about Meri's mothering skills when Mariah came out... Pic credit: TLC
You know the other wives talked fundamental LDS smack about Meri’s mothering skills when Mariah came out… Pic credit: TLC

This new development, along with his new hairstyle, leaves everyone with a case of the butthurt sniffles.

The news about moving to Arizona makes the entire cast cry, especially Janelle, whose son is about to graduate from high school. Kody and Janelle have six kids if you are keeping score, daughters Madison and Savanah and sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabriel.

Madison had a kid, Axel, the first grandchild for Kody and Janelle. Christine has six kids with Kody too, and Robyn had two- three came over from a previous marriage.

What is causing friction?

Kody's hair may be signaling mid-life crisis alert, as Christine looks to be resigned about it all. Pic credit: TLC
Kody’s hair may be signaling mid-life crisis alert, as Christine looks to be resigned about it all. Pic credit: TLC

We speculate. Understanding human nature, money is a huge suspect. One wife may spend more on herself and her progeny with Kody than another.

It’s bound to happen, and Meri is learning first-hand that they have frozen her out of the coffers even though legally, she WAS his wife and entitled to a settlement. It has to frost her to no end.

Maybe someone’s child needs to go to college and where’s THAT money coming from?  Perhaps someone gets too many pedicures?

Don’t kid yourself, the devil is in the details when it comes to cash and people quietly (or not) keep score, especially in a hothouse like Sister Wives. Christmas time? Birthdays? Anniversaries?  Oh yeah. We could go on.

What about sex? After Janelle and Christine have had six kids and appear to be in the peri-menopausal cranky stage of life, we wonder if they want any more sex with Kody. But Robyn is still the youngest (looking at least) and one with the least amount of kids so maybe Christine is still harboring some resentment in the physical favors Kody shows her.

Wouldn’t it be something if Kody had side girls that came out of the #metoo woodwork? Again, just speculating here.

Kody’s man-bun tail hybrid hairstyle may have dampened everyone’s ardor for him anyways.

What is the season direction?

The Brown family marry off Aspyn and Mitch. Meri and Kody are at loggerheads over money and things are about to “cool down even more.” Kody wears a kilt at the wedding, has a bizarre hairstyle in many segments shown and cannot (will not) financially support Meri’s bed and breakfast venture.

Meri brings up the whole mortifying catfish experience and the rest of the wives basically give her the “bless her heart” treatment.

Maddie and Caleb have baby Axel and are looking for a place of their own and Janelle is having a case of empty nest-itis.  Christine is worried Ysabel may need surgery for her scoliosis. Kody spits in everybody’s pudding as he drops a stink bomb to pull the Browns out of Vegas and takes them to an inclusive community in Arizona.

But wait, there’s more!

Wives that is, after you have your fill of Sister Wives O.G. ..dive into thirteen new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife where Craig’s list takes on a whole new meaning.

The show will feature two families from last season and two new ones.

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden have started dating Vanessa from Seattle. By all accounts, Vanessa seems like a shoe in and gets on with Ashley but maybe has too much chemistry with Dimitri? That remains to be seen. TLC says:

In the midst of their budding romance, the Snowdens decide to move across the country from Atlanta to California and invite Vanessa to leave her life in Seattle and start this new journey with them.

Their courtship veers into unpredictable territory as Vanessa has to jump a multitude of hurdles in order to earn a commitment and Ashley’s blessing to become intimate with Dimitri. And ultimately, the trio must confront formidable naysayers who could jeopardize their tender romance.

Jeff, Vanessa and Sharis Alldredge are the newbies in Hot Springs, South Dakota. They are “regrouping” after the Melina incident and Vanessa’s “molar pregnancy.”

TLC says:

They are in the process of building a vast new compound in which they ultimately intend to house more sister wives and more children. With renewed hope, the Alldredges find a sensual woman named Jennifer and begin courting! But after an epic rendezvous at Niagara Falls, Jennifer’s sudden change in behavior blindsides the family.

Paige and Bernie McGee were burned out of their home in Brandon, Mississippi. They ended up taking their two young sons and two dogs into a tiny mobile camper. Paige still isn’t on board with the sister-wife thing but Brandy might change her…nope. TLC says Paige isn’t having it.

Colton, Tami and Sophie Winder: You need a Venn diagram at this point. First wife, Tami, and second wife, Sophie, have divvied Colton’s time despite living in two separate but nearby communities in Southern Utah. TLC says, “They all find common ground in their fundamentalist Mormon beliefs, but were excommunicated from the church for practicing polygamy.”

On the DL, Colton and Tami have been married to Sophie for about a year. The trio has yet to expose themselves as polygamists to the public. They encounter obstacles and supporters in unexpected places and basically wrestle with the being ostracized from their church.

Sister Wives Season 8 premieres Sunday, January 20 at 8/7c with the second season premiere of Seeking Sister Wife airing immediately after at 10/9c on TLC.

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