Shrek was taken off Netflix US and fans are not happy about it

Shrek the movie
Shrek has been removed from Netflix US and viewers are not happy about it. Pic credit: DreamWorks

The list of movies and television shows on Netflix is ever evolving but sometimes, the streaming service removes one that causes upset among viewers. That’s what happened this week when Shrek disappeared from the Netflix catalog, leaving many wishing they still had access.

It didn’t take long for Netflix streamers to start asking where their favorite movie went. Many took to Twitter to ask about Shrek with some pointing out that the animated feature is something their child watched regularly.

Some even mentioned previous favorites that have been removed in recent months including Moana and Secret Life of Pets. Both of those films were staples for parents trying to keep their kids calm up until the end of 2018, when they vanished from the service too.

Some Netflix subscribers are even threatening to cancel their subscriptions, citing the missing movies and news that the streaming service plans to increase prices.

While it does seem like all the good children’s movies are being removed, it’s also worth noting that they are being replaced with new content.

Of course, if your child is a huge Shrek fan, that may not soften the fallout when they find out their favorite show is gone.

However, January 2019 is a great month for Netflix viewers, even the smaller ones. With the addition of Season 5 of Trolls: The Beat Goes On, they’ll have a whole new series to watch.

In addition, Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 will be available on January 30. Hopefully, that will fill the gap that Shrek left open.

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