Shocking video of Christy Gibel on Little Women: LA

Christy Gibel dancing in a video played by Terra Jole on a laptop
Christy Gibel in a portion of the scandalous video from her past

On tonight’s Little Women: LA, Terra Jole gets hold of a scandalous video from Christy Gibel’s past — which she then proceeds to show to the other ladies.

Terra is sent the clip by Tonya Banks, and she tells husband Joe as she shows him the video: “You’re never going to believe what Tonya sent me.”

When she brings it up with Christy, Christy tells her: “There are some things I just want to leave in the past and don’t want to talk about.”

But when Terra puts on an OTT birthday party for her daughter Penny, she can’t help but bring up the video with the other ladies — minus Christy — showing them the whole scandalous video on her cellphone.

She tells them: “It’s like embarrassing to even show in my own yard.”

The video is then met by shocked looks from the other ladies, and comments of “What the f***?!” and “No class!”.

Also on this week’s episode, Tonya is struggling with stress over the theft of her dog, and is also having problems with the manufacturer of her apparel line.

And Christy is full of nerves when husband Todd goes under the knife for weightloss surgery.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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