Shirts for shorter guys: Ash & Anvil on Shark Tank make clothes for men 5ft 8in and under

Steven Mazur and Eric Huang of Ash & Anvil, now called Ash & Erie, on Shark Tank
Founders Steven Mazur and Eric Huang of Ash & Anvil, now called Ash & Erie, on Shark Tank

This week’s Shark Tank features a company called Ash & Anvil who have a little something up their sleeves — they make shirts and jeans for shorter men!

The firm, which since the show has changed its name to Ash & Erie, caters for diminutive guys measuring 5ft 8in and under, who can often find it hard to find clothes that fit well and look good.

The Detroit-based company was founded by Steven Mazur and Eric Huang who describe themselves on their website as “two shorter guys” — with one measuring 5ft 6in and the other 5ft 8in.

They said they came up with the idea after finding regular shirts, even the small sizes, would hang down “to their knees”, while jeans would never be quite short enough so they would have to roll them up.

They say on their website: “Our goal is to design an entire wardrobe and help guys our size look their best.”

Ash & Erie focus on premium shirts which currently range from $79 to $89, and stretch-denim jeans with inseams starting at 25in, which cost $159. They also sell “bundles” where you can save money by buying three shirts or two pairs of jeans at a time.

The good news for Shark Tank fans is that they’re also currently offering 10% off orders if you sign up to their newsletter.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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