SHARKFEST, three weeks of shark goodness begins on Nat Geo and continues on NAT GEO WILD starting on July 14

Sharkfest on Nat Geo
Great Shark Showdown. Pic credit: Nat Geo/Big Wave Productions

Shark fans and fraidy-cats who have been known to hear the Jaws theme while in the bathtub have a good reason to rejoice as SHARKFEST begins a three-week run on July 14 on Nat Geo and continues from July 21 through August 2 on Nat Geo WILD.

This is the seventh annual SHARKFEST and it features some sure-to-be-amazing original programming. Viewers will get to see the largest Great White ever filmed in World’s Biggest Great White.

People who would rather be safe than sorry may enjoy how you can tell if a shark will attack in Forecast: Shark Attack. For people who enjoy pure unapologetic carnage, Cannibal Sharks will surely frighten and delight.

Watching big sharks hunt is thrilling, so be sure to check out Great Shark Chowdown. And for those who like to see how humans measure up to these fantastic bests, tune in to catch marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan don an armored shark suit to get up close and personal in Man vs. Shark.

It is rare for Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD to share a theme, but the continued popularity of shark coverage makes this the perfect time for shark fans to check in to view some of the most beautifully-filmed animal footage ever shot.

Shark enthusiasts can view the new programs as well as tune in to some old favorites that showcase these creatures breaching the ocean, attacking prey, or exploring their vast environments.

This kind of programming is entertaining, as well as informative.

While the Great White is typically the biggest draw, some other species have proven to be just as mesmerizing. While the sharks are great to see, the people who work to preserve and protect these amazing creatures are just as impressive to behold.

SHARKFEST can be seen beginning on July 14 on Nat Geo and continues from July 21 through August 2 on Nat Geo WILD. 

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