Shark Week schedule: What’s on today

Sharks swimming in a circle
Sharks swimming in a circle in a promotional photo for Shark Week 2017 on Discovery

It’s Day 5 of Shark Week 2017 on Discovery — and there’s a whole load of fin-tastic treats in store on the schedule today.

The main events take place this evening, but there is a sharktastic array of programs on all day, on the hour every hour.

Look out for everything from underwater shark “storms” to 1,000lb makos and the “sharkiest” place on earth.

Shark Week Day 5 — Morning schedule

Here’s what’s on in the morning…

8am ET/PT — Nuclear Sharks

A look at reef sharks around Bikini Atoll, where 23 nuclear bombs were tested by the USA in the 1940s and 1950s, with a startling revelation.

9am ET/PT — Devil Sharks (repeat)

A look at sharks that live in underwater volcanoes and around volcanic islands.

10am ET/PT — Great White Appetite

Very little is actually known about great white sharks. This documentary tries to shed some light by testing their limits.

11am ET/PT — Summer of the Shark

Investigators look at a dramatic increase in shark attacks in Australia.

Shark Week Day 5 — Afternoon schedule

Here’s what’s on in the afternoon…

12pm ET/PT — Isle of Jaws

An close-up look at great white sharks in a bid to uncover two mysteries — where they mate and where they give birth to their young.

1pm ET/PT — Alien Sharks (repeat)

A look at some of the world’s most bizarre sharks, including the weirdest of them all — goblin sharks.

2pm ET/PT — Return of the Great White Serial Killer

A look at shark attacks at Surf Beach, CA, which have taken place every second year in October.

3pm ET/PT — Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer

Why are great whites travelling so far north? This probe follows a string of attacks in the Pacific Northwest.

4pm ET/PT — Great White Serial Killer Lives (repeat)

An investigation to find out whether the shark causing attacks in California every two years is the same shark.

Shark Week Day 5 — Evening schedule

Here’s what’s on in the evening…

5pm ET/PT — Monster Mako (repeat)

An attempt to clock the top speed of the Mako, the world’s fastest shark, and to find out if they are actually “ambush predators” like great whites.

6pm ET/PT — Return of the Monster Mako (repeat)

Makos weighing over 1,000lbs are called “granders” by fishermen. But what are their hunting techniques?

7pm ET/PT —  The Lost Cage (repeat)

An underwater cameraman and other explorers float in a shark cage 500 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.

8pm ET/PT —  Sharks and the City: LA: Sharkopedia Edition

An enhanced version of this documentary looking at why great white sightings are up around Los Angeles and why they’ve started hunting out of season.

9pm ET/PT — Shark Exile

Dr. Hazin has cut the number of shark attacks off Brazil by capturing the predators and taking them further out to sea. Could this simple technique help reduce attack numbers in Australia too?

10pm ET/PT — Shark Storm

An in-depth look at a phenomenon which sees sharks gather together in huge numbers forming huge swarming spirals while they hunt and socialize.

11pm ET/PT — Shark After Dark — The Sharkiest Place on Earth

Charlize Theron and Shark Week cinematographer Andy Casagrande answer fan questions and look at the planet’s “sharkiest” place.

11.31pm ET/PT — Shark Exile (repeat of 9pm’s show)

Shark Week continues every day until the evening of Sunday, July 30, on Discovery.

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