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Shark Tank: Puppies, fish, algae pills and beefcakes

The puppies get wheeled in for the PupBox presentation on Shark Tank
The puppies get wheeled in for the PupBox presentation on Shark Tank

On Shark Tank this week, there’s entrepreneurs from all corners of the spectrum pitching their ideas — with everything from puppies, fish, algae pills, and clothes for beefcakes.

The four start-ups featured are PupBox, Line Cutterz, ENERGYbits and Barbell Apparel.

PupBox probably has the cutest presentation ever seen on Shark Tank, with a trolley-full of puppies brought out to try and get the sharks on side.

And it’s probably the first time in history that Kevin ‘Mr Wonderful’ O’Leary has been silenced.

Line Cutterz produce a special ring which fishermen can wear on their finger and use to cut their line. Inventor and fishing nut Vance Zahorski appears on the show to try and lure in the investors — but will he get a bite?

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Catherine Arnston tries her luck with her ENERGYbits supplements — made out of nothing but algae!

They promise to pump you full of energy, and eliminate hunger But the sharks aren’t too impressed with the way they taste, describing them as being like something from a pond. Well, duh!

Last up is Barbell Apparel, created by bodybuilder Karl Workman — which creates clothes specifically for people with big quads! Definitely a niche market, but will he be able to get a healthy sum of cash from the sharks?

This week’s Shark Tank also features an update on Bantam Bagels, which Lori Greiner invested in on Season 6.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 9/8c on ABC.

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