Shahs of Sunset: Reza weeps as he has breakdown on reunion special

Reza breaks down in tears as he clashes with GG on tonight’s Shahs of Sunset reunion

Tonight the Shahs reunite on the Shahs of Sunset reunion special — and there’s tears and upset left, right and centre.

A preview clip for tonight’s episode shows Reza completely breaking down as he clashes with GG over the alleged tape of him cheating.

Recalling the incident in last week’s episode, he tells her: “I said, ‘Golnesa do you have a tape?’. I wanted  you to say ‘no’!” His voice then cracks and the tears start, as he continues: “Do you know what it does to my credibility?”

But GG stands her ground defiantly, saying: “What about my credibility.”

The confrontation is then too much for Reza as he stands up and walks out of the studio. He says: “That was humiliating.”

MJ tells GG: “Have a conscience!”

Also on tonight’s Shahs of Sunset Part 1 of the reunion special, Asa an Mercedes also have an out-of-the-blue set-to.

And Mike also has a minor breakdown as he talks to the group about his split from Jessica Parido, and how watching her move on was hard to bear especially as it was all so public.

There’s also great blunt-talking from Mama Vida Javid which gets things pretty heated.

The reunion continues tomorrow at 10pm with Part 2, with Asa confronted by the others for not portraying her “real life” in front of the cameras.

GG and Reza erupt again as she confronts her arthritis, and there’s a surprise in store as one of the group has a complete meltdown.

Shahs of Sunset airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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