Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2: Jessica Parido fears walking into ‘lion’s den’

Jessica on the Shahs of Sunset reunion part 2
Jessica talks to Andy Cohen in her trailer on tonight’s Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2

It’s the final part of the Shahs of Sunset Season 5 reunion special tonight — and things blow up again in more ways than one.

In a preview clip of the episode Jessica Parido is on location to face the group about those allegations surrounding husband Mike Shouhed, but her nerves are getting the better of her as she paces up in her trailer.

Andy Cohen heads to talk to her in private and she tells him: “I’m just not feeling comfortable with being here. Being around this negative energy. I’ve spoke with Mike and I know once I go in there I’m going to be ambushed.

“I just feel like I’m walking into a lion’s den and I’m not willing to do that any more.”

However, Andy says it’s his understanding that it is actually Mike who doesn’t want her going out there.

Jessica says: “He has decided that he doesn’t want me to be attacked, because that’s what they’re planning on doing. And they’ve made it very, very clear on social media that they’re having dinners together and GG said they were ‘planning to take Jessica down’. And I’m obviously going to respect my husband’s wishes.”

Jessica and Andy Cohen on the Shahs of Sunset reunion part 2
Andy finds out Jessica has a lot to say about the whole situation

She also reveals she still has “strong feelings of hatred” towards GG, saying: “I was her friend. Legitimately her friend. We went on trips together. And then for her to say, ‘Oh I felt so bad for Jessica’. If you felt so bad why did you wait a year. There were plenty of opportunities off camera for her to come to me and she never once did.”

Andy says: “Why do you think she did it? Why did she make the allegation?”

Jessica replies: “I don’t know what’s happening inside of her head. It’s the mystery. But what I do know is I feel like she wanted the attention on her.”

We all know how the story has panned out since the show aired, but Andy says: “Through the entire discussion of the allegations, you never wavered in your belief that Mike was faithful to you and that he did not make a pass at Golnesa.”

Jessica replies: “I happened to fall in love with Mike. I accepted what he was doing, and I was part of it. And I opened my life up. But the viewers saw one side of the story, that I was just this dumb little girl that said, ‘Oh, ok, my husband’s telling the truth.’ That wasn’t the case. But I chose to believe him, I chose to stand by him, and I married him.

“If it happened or not is irrelevant at this point.”

Meanwhile, inside the studio Reza Farahan ends up fuming as he discusses his online war with Jessica.

GG says this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to kiss and make up, but Mike replies: “No, this is not the chance, because guns are blazing. You guys haven’t had enough yet.”

Reza says that Jessica is “not an innocent victim”, and GG adds: “Because she’s talked so much s**t.”

But Mike fumes: “She has NOT! Stop f***ing bulls***ting. Because you said things to her and she said things back to you.”

Reza replies: “I didn’t say anything to her. I wrote a blog about the show and she went on there and said, ‘why are you obsessed with me? You have no class. Get a life.'” He tells Mike: “I come to your wedding. And I brought you a cheque. And then she goes and says ‘I’ll wipe my ass with your cheque and send it back to you.

“If you’re going to be against it and talk about wiping your ass with my f***ing cheque, then don’t cash the f***ing cheque.”

Meanwhile, can Mike and GG make it work?

And Andy tells Asifa Mirza and her boyfriend Bobby: “I think you should break up today”

Andy also questions MJ about her love life and her dog Pabolo’s death, and the group quiz Asa about how she portrays her life in front of the cameras.

The final part of the Shahs of Sunset Season 5 reunion airs tonight at the special time of 10/9c on Bravo.

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